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You to drop six percent in your waistline i mean that's amazing antiinflammatory benefits and the other piece is that it can increase bone density pre amazing see thinking about okay if i drink my milk i'm gonna have stronger bones right more bone density well it's not the case they're finding now that even eating walnuts because the high omega three fatty acids are having in them now tons of fatty acids that is a matter of fact it's the highest if you think about fish oil and how good that is for you a handful of walnuts every single day is a high mount super high amounts of a mega three fats that can help plus they have melatonin in them and melatonin can help you get deeper stages of sleep at night for example cherries have a lot of melatonin in them but they're saying that walnuts now have a quite a bit of melatonin it can help in the sleep cycle but also in the anticancer benefits because of that so it's pretty amazing when you start looking at wallets and what they can do the benefits are amazing now one thing to you got to think about fiber okay enough fiber when when you're looking at something like walnuts you gotta look at fiber content now i shoot for and we're talking food is medicine right now food is medicine walnuts contain about i think about seven or eight grams of fiber in one ounce so you get a pretty good amount of that better overall fiber and take should be around i personally think about forty grams a day now i shoot myself for about fifty grams there's a new study that came out that talked about how important fiber is and when you're getting fiber for every ten grams of fiber you take in you drop your overall i guess the percentage rate for colon cancer which is the second leading cause of cancer in the us you drop your colon can't cancer rate down by fifty percent so by every every ten grand's for me fifty percents she for fifty grams.

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