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Twentyfourseven Nurse now hot life online Symptom checker and more banner health care built with safety in mind. Here News today. We're looking at a high of 93 so similar yesterday it still unseasonably warm, but it also marks the beginning of our big cool down. Moving in Hye's will dip into the eighties. Eventually this weekend. I'm ABC 15 meteorologist. At 604. It is 68 degrees in Corona virus in Arizona. A close call with co bid for an Arizona state lawmaker Lorenzo Sierra tells Gaydos and Chad he started feeling sick while visiting family in Washington, D C and eventually ended up in the hospital on a ventilator. Once that happened, my wife has had to fill me in on the next four days. I couldn't tell you what happened, then all I remember Is that they started waking me up and in my mind, I thought, Oh, that was fast. Sierra says his doctors told him he recovered very quickly for someone as sick as he Waas Washington remains deadlocked over anew Corona virus relief Bill Arizona's Republican senator, Martha McSally, tells Mike Broom head show she wants another package. Businesses need more support. The airlines of PFC program advocating for fools need additional support families. Let's do it in a targeted way. Earlier this week, Senate Democrats of Blocks Republicans attempt to pass a half trillion dollar bill that included more PP funds $300 per week, supplemental unemployment insurance benefit and liability protections for businesses. Katya Eyes on education. Enrollment at Arizona's public schools is down 5% this fall because funding is tied to enrollment schools could lose a lot of money. But a grant program the governor's office, created over the summer may help If you're losing students rather than using this year's count of students, you could take 98% of the students that you had last year. Chuck Essex with the Arizona Association of School Business officials says that means schools would only lose up to 2% of funding. While enrollment in public schools is down, the state school voucher program is seeing substantial growth. The Empowerment Scholarship account program has 9500 students. That's about 1000 more than the state had projected for the year. Nicole Guy sees nine year old daughter Brooke got approved in August. She has a compromised immune system and her doctor's advice for her not to be on campus. This here Brooke has progressive vision loss. The virtual learning wasn't a good options. I really don't know what we would have done without this option. The funds I'll pay for a tutor and a homeschool curriculum. Griselda City. No, Katie, our new has our election coverage continues. There's a way for Arizona voters in long term care facilities to cast ballots, just like anyone else we are touched. By the idea of disabilities, and we're all also Americans, and we want to make sure that our fundamental rights or preserves across the spectrum. America.

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