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Hi Brenda de Vere Larssen when we say going in Roz the only pro wrestling podcasts you need to be listening to it's not just because we keep you up to date on the Latest wrestling news it's not just because we have full details and critical reviews of every wwe and a w show with coverage of new Japan and of course triple alias long work partners for more than a decade we literally couldn't do anything else we need to be the only PA- wrestling podcast of need to be listening to likelihood depend on it that's good enough reason for me Larson yeah so subscribed to going in raw a pro wrestling podcast you can find whatever you get your podcasts hi eighty hoven money's Mr Fruit and welcome the eleventh episode of G G over easy in today's video rob as a dumb question or worse it's it's a it's a good dumb question let's just say that very educational moments of no rab also has an unpopular opinion and I have some some stuff to talk about that as well we have some POK Mon drama that Bluefields us in on and we have the next mega gaming company GonNa take over the world you heard it here first small startup company no never heard by the way all that and more I miss episode.

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