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This. This is a new frontier one more story that is unique to the week of this season. This happened before but south carolina eastern illinois. South carolina's starting quarterback was assistant. Coach nolan grad assistant coach. He can do this by rule. He had a year left of eligibility last plate. Last spring for north dakota state he was trae. Lance is back up north dakota state team. What do you think sarah. Do you think this is okay. I love this. You gotta find someone where you can get someone. I also think that he's going to be under a lot of pressure to know the plays perfectly to get everything right. Got a coach in there. Hasn't been telling you how to do everything that you get in there and you can't do it yourself. We always say those who can't do teach well. Maybe in this case monica. I'm on this to it. Certainly beats having the guy that played quarterback in high school lessons. Really not his position at the collegiate level. I want to see what this precision looks like from his leadership position. Maybe south carolina found a loophole. You bring the guy in under the idea that he's going to be a grad assistant. You could work with them at a time. When you're not supposed to be practicing next thing you know. It could store where she went that way though. Someone felt that way. But i'm not surprised that you bill plachy. I love this like everybody else. Ucla has sixteen kids in graduate school in their team called. Football's become a place where people can come from all different areas all different forms all different types. This is tremendous john ohio state. Those who can't teach arm plasma. You're right guy sola we're taking a break.

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