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Kind of much of expand on that so the listeners know what's look forward to when when it comes to investing when it comes to creating cash flow rather than you know working working for money all your less at gotten to a place for i enjoy what i do right now is pretty close to as much as i loved music and my aspirations just constant growth by can stand right here today and look back at your now from further along today than it was then i'm happy that satisfies me in so with that in mind i work allow a moi's corn entrepreneurs right we the brain that really turns off but i'd time baloch might time with my family i didn't do the best i can not on the weekends at all in wednesday afternoons i coach baseball tuesday afternoons i take my son to private practice of in typically home by six six thirty at night in no little td time their lifestyle design acceleration hangs what is your favorite before the millions book my favorite book think the slight edge as a few dozen awake janelle then transformed my life not read it several times and it's been a different book every time i've read it but i think the slight aid is what made everything really click for me of how success is created results are produced i think whatever is that you aspire to do like we talked about earlier whether it's an online business or whatever business may be growing tomatoes is going to be your hobby the slight edge can complement that so you're more successful whatever is that your spires what is your favorite lifestyle design at this can be a business app or tool.

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