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Hendrick jimmy johnson will roll twentieth nineteenth stegman marlin eighteenth is randall joyce seventeenth to jeff purvis christian elder starts sixteen fifty this hank parker junior tim solder is fourteenth thirteenth kenny kelly denton clay rogers in the twelfth spot kevin harvick goes eleven starting tenth is ashton lewis elton sawyer goes night bobby hamilton junior goes eighth with mike mclaughlin seventh six this jason keller fit this bill parsons timpee the was starts fourth travis coppell now third jeff green second on the bud pole j solder one hundred seventy one point eight six miles an hour bringing now the sixth and seventh voices that will call the action for you tonight here at kentucky i out in turn one and two mr radios kevin o'neill thank you very much guys looking forward to getting starting tonight here this new kentucky speedway the sun beginning to set behind turn number one three eight thousand very wicked shadow intern one in the sun opens up intern to built in work their way around the corner down the sixteen hundred foot backstretch i'll have all the action korea high atop turned number two it this beautiful mile and a half is cover the accident at the end of the backstretch in one of the trickiest turns this weekend so far paul bartholomew biloxi oregon position for mr intern three tonight and the cars will already be at bull ronald as they exit the quarter and hit that sixteen hundred foot long back stretch up the eight degrees of banking right up against the outside retaining wall at speeds over one hundred eighty miles an hour in all passing here should be to the inside of the racetrack does drivers to look for the link shot effect to pick up a position before driving into turn number three bumper she entered the fourteen degree corner will cause the cars to push up the track some drivers will drag the break others just coast through three it back on the problem through turn four moments away from the green flag as seventy thousand blue and gold pompoms go in the air pace car coming onto pit road and we are set for a start in the outback steakhouse three hundred j solder and jeff green side by side roll number one green flag is in the air and we're underway kentucky chris sullivan president and ceo of outback steakhouse waves the green and on the break chase is going to try to squeeze out front but here comes jeff pre to the outside and turn one door to door but greaves going to get the lead he'll move in front of jay solder he'll fall in line tim feta was they hit toback straight single pile your purse three cars and had double file back behind that travis plop down to the inside jason killer on the outside your leaders out of four liters outta turnover four jeff green shows the way by three carling outside line early appears to be already the twentyfive david donahue spins around hits the banking and hits the wall out of turn four no caution yet that is an innocent spin there by david donahue just tagging the outside wall donahue was able to keep on and drive away a tough break there for david donahue looking to redeem himself it will not happen so far in the outback steakhouse three hundred off the end of the back straightaway jeff green breaks the field into turnover three as they work off the corner now there's more trouble ronnie hornets junior goes for a loop in turn to haunted has read his machine he too will drive away green leads lap one now lap to jay solder and second traffic begins to stack up from third on back jason keller has a matt pack of cards down his exhaust pipes in one yes he does jason keller trying to hold onto the third position but he's got a battle timpee to try to make a move and there's a battle now travis squabble on me outside in that battle for fifth and he's going to lose that battle as moving on by the two of kevin harvick orbit gone the move for five position and he closes in the next pair of cars and say come down to the start finish line jason keller running in third he's got tim fito all over his back bumper harvest right behind them say hit one joined to make a move to get his way up into.

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