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That was that moment. That was that moment. And so like Dez, you are a native ohioan. How were you let out of the state? Like, what happened? How did you wind up at Michigan, Charles? Yeah, man. It was really out of the house safe hands. You know, at that point, I grew up in Michigan fan because my brother was a fan of Michigan and, you know, I was always, you know, I'm a lawyer person, right? So it's like, you know, if you like one of these schools, you can't lock the other one. That's kind of the way I looked at it. So I grew up as a Michigan fan. And when that time came, you know, as a high school senior in thinking about where to go to school and where to take visits to, I couldn't go to a house day because they would arrival. And that's kind of the way that it took out, I took a visit to northern, I took a visit to the Miami hurricane in Michigan, of course, missing was always at the top of the list. But when it came to, you know, visiting Michigan or Ohio State, I couldn't go to the house they 'cause they would arrival. That's just how I saw it. So the answer to the question as to why you went to Michigan and didn't stay at home to go to Ohio city is your raised right. It's what you're saying. Charles. I give all the credit to my, you know, when the House state bands want to get mad, they had to get mad at my older brother, man. It was his fault. He was a Michigan fan first. And he drew me to that wing helmet and I never let it go. You were just come from great stock. That's all it is. That's all it is. I love it. Where are you? Where are you? Did I hear whistle? Are you at a practice? What's going on? No, man. I'm in Lake Nona. Orlando, Florida. I'm on the golf course. You know, I just part a par 5.

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