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Of the orchestra this ice isolated the strings on them that reads and then the brass and then for questions and then play this of the theme all together I thought that would be clever and a great child's guide in the orchestra thing and so I wrote the remarkable far comic bride wrote the entire Poland and before I even picked the composer to work with me on it I looked out of I've written a children's book here that is exactly how it started and my lawyer hooked me up with Simon and Schuster they gave me a a two book deal and I along came marsupials who Cooper and Haley a mouse goes to college the carnival of the animals almost all of them are performance pieces I got two dogs is one of my kids books marsupial sue is another song which you'll be relieved to know I'm not going to say and they just came very naturally as I was already doing these concerts and writing these songs with the wonderful composers and bill Elliott so that's a long answer to your short question hi I must say I adore performing for children I I don't get to do it much now because I'm swamped by my day job but the kids are just the most wonderful responsive audience there also irascible honey they're difficult they can they have minds of their own and they can be very vocal but I got to the point where I had them in the palm of my hands in halls like this that was just with adults you always aspired to a suspension of disbelief for one little moment trick them into thinking that what they're saying is real you never get there but the closer you get the better it is for them and for you okay is suspension of disbelief is what they do they don't know they're in the theaters they think you're they think you're a kangaroo yeah they lose it was just it's blissful fine also from from children's books they think animals speak yeah it does seem odd with them at all well they speak to each other yes do you think you could extemporaneous upon that rhymes with impeach well I will I'll read you the very last moment of the book.

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