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Might be somebody that they would be willing to keep it going forward because he he's got what he you know you point out last year one of biggest problems with the match was it was no you know athleticism not a lot of things that they will lacking any taken steps this year trying to get there with some of the newer guys client and some of the guys that opinion that we younger kind of encompassing the cord is seen they're not as bad as they are playing but they definitely need the improvements in those major areas to take a step forward and you know what they need to do done they need to find guys that are properly positioned what do I mean by that Jeff make bill Jeff big deal should not be pointing out fill next season Jeffrey bill should be in every day and filler and the story you have a shortstop who has limited range you have I'll feel there is or not outfielders you have a so poor defensive catcher if you're going to be a team that relies on pitching and the met pitching is not been overwhelmingly share but if that's gonna be strained I think you have a compliment that somehow it defense lets out to Long Island Jimmy John's this without him yeah yeah a first time ever a long time fan of the gal I love to hear that Jim on the wall man which ended so I'm looking for the yes network today and they're robbing a Jeff Nelson and they're trying to tell me that Edwin Encarnacion got a you know a starting spot on the team come September what you get may you know if we go around the appeal the app yeah we got Gary beyond the plate we got bored at first birth second DD at that that short DJ third Gardner and laughed six in center judging right they and the aging obviously yelp assuming he comes back there were so many come back I don't see how I cut out younger than the firing line up what the what yeah his pedigree and what he's done throughout his big league career Edwin Encarnacion is going to hit I don't know what break corner will look like in August is she going to wear down he's played at Punisher you don't know if it's going to be another set back for John Carlos that now does happen over and over again Marco you mark my words and I'm sure you agree with me on this Edwin Encarnacion is going to have a monster two week three week stretch I don't know when it's common it's absolutely companies to get ahead he's too good he's done it for too long and obviously there's no it's not like it's not there it's like all season long he's got four homers anything to twenty and you know what happened to the old wooden cross the own I can still hit his head a little bit of a rough patch maybe the transition whatever it is he's definitely gonna hit again the talents there I'm the son of front tonight biggest in the game and cross the on going to base with a double and we also know Brett Gardner streaky as he is and now if you feel like you can carry you at times we also know he goes through that three weeks stretch where he can't buy a battle axe that's going to happen too because that that's been his whole career streaky and then he goes into pro long slumps and when he does maybe you have an answer that you have another guy that you can go out there she can give them a few days off because you have over used him as that is the dance stage and maybe he doesn't have to go into a monthlong slump maybe could be we can have and that's where you look at it Jack crow saying coming back and you look at Kim and maybe put coming back who played really well for the Yankees but more co two fifty three fifteen forty one eight fourteen L. P. S. I mean does a better numbers than I think a lot of Yankee fans were lance's bed allegory Stalin for the season never mind for where we are now especially you look back about a month and a half ago he looked lost never mind that he look washed up he looked lost number we have on throwing a helmet he had an affair he looked like he his approach was shot but he was he was just over match against slumps happen and he's got a guy that's been streaky his whole career but he looked to the point where you're like how old do you again is a thirty seven is a forty seven and he looked shot so the fact that he was able to come back out and be as hot as he is it's impressive eight seven seven three three seven six three six six the six update time there is the Italian stallion mark ability.

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