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Five to one. That feels like a nice price. It's it also kind of not the craziest thing against the lions. I mean he's had you know. He scored twenty touchdowns in a season. So thirty five to one. Aaron jones to score three touchdowns you can get down to if you want. Yeah all right. I'll i'll co sign that one. I guess if he wanted to have real real fun. Jamal williams in the same properties. Eighty two okay. That'll all right. Did i find it for you. Know this hopkinson wonder if this is a well. Yeah and that's what. I'm giving out well not three touchdowns this is this is. I'll give tj hodkinson to have one hundred fifty receiving yards. 'cause i have i wrote down one hundred fifty receiving yards seven touch receptions and two touchdowns at two fifty to one but this happened to me when we did tonnison and he got there. The one hundred fifty receiving yards is impossible for the tight end. So i'll just go. Tj hodkinson to have three touchdowns receiving at two hundred and fifty to one. Let's go winning it all back and then some yeah that feels great and again shop shop for the price is pleased because like for example. I see aaron jones. The score i in green bay to win is priced less than aaron jones. Score first touchdown doesn't make any sense. They've too many bets there sleeping at some of the wheels just how it works asleep at the wheel. Everyone's got a job. Everyone males in a certain part of that job and it's normal ryan merge. Monday is coming up. We're taping this sunday night. But merch monday is coming up. We're going to up the any instead of just a t-shirt also t shirt and fischel as gp many helmet to the next merch. monday winner. So make sure you get a Tall say nice review in over at apple. Podcast for your chance to win every monday. Thank you for participating. In the spurs game podcasts. Four pack has some sean stacking in the monte green and he is ryan Goddamn cowboys kramer. Let it.

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