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All RIGHT WE'RE BACK CHEERS MATES. Thank you so much for donating to the beer fund. I am sipping on some Nice Brew. Because of you. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for telling a friend about our little garage show to thanks for your friends not to listen to and thank you to you captain and they and they thank you and thank you to our friends that listen all right. We might have might have had a few too many now. I love you man on October up right on October. Fifth Police headed out to the site. Where that photo was taken this accompanied by Aaron? They photo. Yeah and they're going to be searching this whole area and before too long. They identified a body any plastic bag in a ditch off the side of a wooded road. The remains were very decomposed but were wearing clothing. That was similar to what Taylor was wearing when she disappeared. Sure enough. The medical examiner soon identified the remains as Taylor beale based on dental records. One thing about this girl. That's helping out the police. There she goes out to our family's property. She doesn't know what she's GonNa find. They've they've find Taylor she that has thing about the relationship she had with this person. And how that possibly could have been her that'd be very traumatic experience. There are several theories as to why this area may have been chosen for the the dump site. The seem a little odd. Who knows what was going on in the mind of the person who placed her there so there. There's one theory that I do find this interesting. I don't think it has anything really to do with the case. But there's a thought that maybe Ben Fawley thought if he put her on errands family's property that maybe it would get confusing to investigators in Aaron. Could somehow be involved in Taylor's disappearance possibly we. We know he lies about everything. I think what likely happened is this is just unfortunately a place of popped into his mind when he thought of like we said earlier. Hey I got something. I don't want anybody to ever find and he thought this was a good place to put it well. They're going to go back with this information. This is basically now the cops have a loaded gun that they component him and he's going to start confessing to what he claims happened that night. Yeah and one thing that they will be equipped with when they go in to talk with. Fawley is they took some soil samples from the undercarriage of Taylor's vehicle and they were able to match those two soil samples taken from the area where the body was found so they are able to piece a lot of this together before they even talked to them. They where she was found. They have a general idea what happened to her being that she was either abducted or killed and then transported in her own vehicle out to that location and then we know the vehicle came back to the vcu campus area and was was placed there now or died in a manner that did not leave visible marks on her body so they were unable to determine the exact cause of death. There was no broken bones or obvious signs of death. Now Mind you. She rather decomposed at this time. Folly continued to deny that he had anything to do with this. But that's not going to last very long captain just like you pointed out because he will he will offer up some kind of confession well of sorts and this was against the recommendation of his attorney folly told investigators that on the night of September fifth. He and Taylor had driven out to a beach in the Mathews County area to Hook Up. He said he was very drunk and high at the time and was off his meds the two engaged in what he called rough sex and he said Taylor accidentally died according to him. The two had played a sex game and it was all Taylor's idea she wanted to try Roddick But backfired and when she died he panicked and dumped her body in that ravine although he tried to spin this off as some type of accident folly himself may have made mention of what he planned to do to Taylor in one journal entry by Skulls Sixty Seven and eight journal subtitled playing with fire. The trash of a crazy ex-con he wrote about his sexual conquests with partners referred to by their initials like an e. He also talked about someone with the initials. T and said that there was something he still wanted to try with her. This was before Taylor died. Taylor's mother was quick to dispute follies version of the events. Of course she says. Let's be clear. Ben Fawley murdered my daughter. She said in a news conference. His claim that it was accidental is just one more perversion of the truth and his changing web of allies that he claims that there they went out to this location. They're trying to hook up there in the back seat of the car that he was drunk in high in an office medication all that stuff they were trying to put a bag over her head during sex. That wasn't really working. 'cause she wanted a pass out this what he's claiming and so then. He took the bag off her head but then put it around her nose and mouth now once she stopped breathing. Here's a strange thing. As during his confession he doesn't dump the body that night doesn't he doesn't just go all. I got to get rid of her and take the car back. He claims that he comes back to Vcu with her body in the back seat and and that the cars parked there for a day or so then he drives back out to that. Same location than than than dumpster there But again this guy will lie about everything. Yeah and as you pointed out earlier. His story changes win. It needs to. He has an excuse. He has a story. He has an alibi until boom. You present them with facts with truthful evidence and facts that you know to be true and then he says well. Here's a different story for you. Bobby here's the thing. Though is he already has more and more charges. That are mounting against him. Yeah and what's difficult? Though for the Prosecution for the state captain is that we do have this while it does not seem likely it is a plausible defense of this was an accident and maybe he shouldn't be charged with murder. We also have the problem that we really have very little forensic evidence in this case at all So it's going to take a good amount of time. In fact it was not until January. Seventeenth of two thousand and six then a grand jury handed down an indictment of folly. This was for first degree murder. I would love. I would love to try this case. Once the Grand jury was told it was explained that the medical examiner could not have identified an exact cause of death because of the decomposition. Then we have an indictment that was amended to second degree murder. The death penalty obviously going to be off the table at this point now despite holes in their case prosecutors went full steam ahead preparing for a trial working with investigators. Trying build a circumstantial case to prove that Taylor was not the initiator of this so called sex game that she was not bondage or erotic fixation or really would not have consented to any of this crap and that that folly killed her and probably deliberately killed her. It was not an accident by any stretch of the imagination on his defense team saying well she was she wanted to try this because he had tons of pornography on his computer and showed her some different things and choose like. Aw like to try that yeah. That's what he claims but but it doesn't matter I mean the the idea that that Anybody female or male would be on trial for wanting to try something sexually sh. That's her right to that. Doesn't equal being murdered right? You know so. It doesn't matter how you slice. It doesn't matter if it was his idea or her idea. That does that should never equal murder. So what we have here. Captain is in August of two thousand six. The murder trial is about to begin. But what we get I man I so love this. We get a gift for the prosecution because folly opens his big mouth. That's right folly. Made the mistake of talking in his defense attorneys. Got Wind of this and a jailhouse conversation with an officer folly describing on set it up a little bit better because he is coming back to his cell. After after this There was a meeting And and basically this. This web allies that he's been casting. He claims that it's the ultimate chess. Move Right he says he's playing a chess game and really this story that he came up about Taylor's accidental. Death was really just that just a story designed to clear him to take the heat off of him. Explain away what happened. But it's not what actually happened and then we have a little bit more. Holy Okay because you you know this better than me. This is the part. That's kind of confused me because he makes a mission to This officer and then officer. Let's the defense team. No now they can't they can't represent that idea because they know it's a lie that right. No I think the thought here is. We have people that are going to testify that he was lying about the story right and and then we have this weird thing where he's writing letters from jail to a female friend. The prosecution gets a hold of these letters. They did not help follies case. I don't know exactly what was in these letters. But these were mentioned during this portion of the story. And what this leads to is by August ninth. We have folly consulting with his attorneys and they decide that folly should take an Alfred play for second degree murder and exchange for prosecutors dropping the child pornography charges out at the plea proceedings prosecutors and defense attorneys. Were able to present their cases to the judge whose job it is then to determine whether there was enough evidence to warrant folly taking such a plea the confession. His tapes of his confession or so-called confession were played in court and later transcripts were released to the media. More details about this confession came out and you went through quite a bit of that when you were telling us about what happened. One thing I've found weird was its sites that Taylor wanted to play a game that she called drunk monkey and again. It's it's almost. It seems a little silly to go through this confession when we know so much of it is just completely false and we can. We can say that based off of his plea off of his later plea where he accepts that he's going to be convicted of this. Yeah I mean and again I have some questions but I don't think it matters like what she alive when they went out to this location. I don't know did he. Did he bring did he? Actually bring the body back to bring Taylor back You know I don't think it matters. I think at the end of the day no matter what he states.

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