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This market minute is brought to you by the Greenberg financial group. Ten percent of the companies than the S and P five hundred reported earnings week. But the market has shown very little reaction the S and P five hundred down to seven points today in the last trading day this week as the market is closed tomorrow in observance of Good Friday, the market edge higher at the open. The now opened up sixty points jump to one hundred twenty point gain about an hour in Dow's up seventeen s and p five hundred down six NASDAQ down forty oils on changed at sixty three. Seventy gold up a bucket, twelve seventy seven in corporate news, shares of private equity firm Blackstone. Open eight percent higher on new they'll shift from partnership to a corporate structure eliminating the need for a K one shares a shoe company. Sketchers fifteen percent lower after disappointing quarterly report Canadian marijuana company. Can't be growthy percent higher on news. They bought acreage holdings reporting from the Greenberg financial group where your money matters. This is Dave Sherwood on Kennedy. Just so you know, you can listen at home by telling Alexa, play T on iheartradio. Yeah. Enjoy the stimulation seven twenty eight. Thank you for hanging out. Gary Lewis with you here. T- AM seven ninety two sons. Most stimulating talk going to be a warm one today, we're looking at eighty eight for a high, but it's going to be beautiful by the time. We get to Mr. Ron's sit on that patio tonight. Five seven you don't think we're gonna talk about this study, Mr. owns beer clip from men meeting four to eight is the entire extended. Happy honor of China's t I'll be there from five to seven great specials. Mr. Ron's at Orion Roussel, go to the bar the patio area. Great specials on food. Great specials on drinks appetizer. Sushi you name it. It's just awesome. Great people there. I haven't seen you in a month. We have a lot to talk about. Now. Let's get back to it. Again. I'm going to kind of a two parter at some point probably the next week or two I'm going to have I'm still corralling like a bunch of feral cats. These high school students I've talked to several of them already taken on all kinds of notes about what? Their experiences are in this class at Arnold ridge high school, a government class it's in the school district. And what's incredible is when I talked to them, they all tell me the same thing. So they're not lying. But I won't even more sources, but I do know this teacher has a Twitter account. So I figure today I would just read you her words and let them speak for themselves. And you do whatever you want with this. You can come up with your own conclusion is a government teacher. Let's continue shall we more tweets from this teacher, Ironwood ridge high school government teacher or valley anti school district. April sixth twenty nineteen. She writes remind we the people white is still white rich men running our government. Government teacher writing that let me repeat that remind we the people why it is still white rich men running our government. She commented on a tweet. About the trumps wants forced nine hundred mostly black families living at Coney Island out of their homes. Here's how family used taxpayer money to set. It. What you anyway, she re tweeted that and wrote. This entire family is full of cheating scam artists. They are racist and greedy and need to be brought to Justice. Government teacher. Government teacher April second twenty nineteen. And if Fox News existed, he never would have resigned propaganda machine is in full effect. April first twenty nineteen government teacher, Ironwood ridge high school or valley school district. The GOP seems to get away with being completely unethical. The hypocrisy. Is outrageous. March eighteenth twenty nineteen. This teacher tweets he is not normal. How does anyone still support him? Meaning the president. Here we go. Here's another tweet. What a shame that. We have such an immature bully ego driven pathetic, President High school government.

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