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Addiction at Halloween time. I do love dots. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a freak about dots. I make kids. Give me the dawn's. Every neighborhood is like Battiston. Yeah because nobody actually likes dots. I'm the only one on there like enjoys like the fruity almond joy oats and they might pull out your frigging crown. They probably well. Oh and I should not be eating any of it right now but I well yeah I need to ration it really just for myself because their bags are in their rooms and they go off to school and I'm like ten. Am I feel like a twix. I've definitely eaten all darks. All their bags. Oh it could not find any look. That's the that's the one I would actually eat is because I went through your your kids backstage Author so good. They're really good on the small ones. Oh yeah you feel like it's fine now. I totally agree all right. I'm would he have for two thumbs up this week so two things one being a show while comedy series. I've been trying to watch comedy just because I feel like with the real life. Life News is so depressing. Dark dramas right now. That are like and they're probably really great. They are but they're like you like what am I watch is like I can't watch like election stuff off your and then watch a murderer. It just feels like there's no hope in the world totally so I've been trying to force myself to watch comedy. Networks has so many great comedy specials. Yeah UH and one of my favorites. Obviously Dave Chapelle was hilarious and there was a lot of other really funny ones but some of them I think kind of went under the radar. Her name's Catherine Ryan I've seen her over the years a couple of times but she finally got her own special Doing so many comedy special send-off flex she's hilarious. Really yes she. I was hard. Explain it definitely a feminist but jerry like classically very classic about her she. Does this bit about Hamilton about that part where you know he sleep with the young girl yes in about how he really should have shown some restraint Tony frustrated in the seats. US It's hilarious. Husband didn't love it as much as I did. What does I? I actually watched it twice as I wanted. It was that good that I wanted to laugh again. Oh my God highly recommend it and I think it's something you can watch like with your older kids. Yeah uh-huh maybe my son who's like ten. Maybe not but my girls for sure. So Yeah Catherine Ryan Watch out for her. I feel like she's going to be doing and probably a lot. More things in the future and then my next one is. I've been really getting into jewelry lately. I kind of go through phases where I love story three and then done yes right now. I mean I'm wearing so many I've been looking for the perfect huggy. The huggy Mikediamond during yes and and like a little like a little Maltese yet teeny tiny. And I've had my second hole pierced since I was about thirteen. Yeah but haven't really worn earrings in them. Yeah as an adult ever. Yeah and so had families regular airings my first of all that I really like and it was trying to find something small for the second one. That wasn't a stud. Yeah so I was looking around and and some of these huggy diamond earrings are really expensive. Yeah and until I knew what I really wanted. I wanted to get something really inexpensive. Yeah so these are very very petite. Little Dole Huggy hoops with like sees. Yeah on Amazon for twelve bucks. Twelve dollars a nice. I'm super cute. All Right Casey teachers. Here's our listening. Let's let's hope they're not listening. But it comes in silver and gold rose gold all three probably only wear the regular yellow L. Gold and they look like little infinity hoops. Yeah they do really really small and it is kind of collateral easy super easy and I feel like they look really expensive. I need those because you know what's funny about jewelry. I wore infinity hoops in my. I have a second and third hole so I wore infinity hoops in them. Which of those ones that likes? Sort of go all the way through the ones that we tried to have your daughter take off at a soccer game yet. Yeah they're very difficult. Kenya knock them. Yeah you need tweezers to get them out But the good part about it is they they just become a perfect circle and they're really easy to wear Learn you never lose them. I wore them never took them out for probably fifteen years ninety. I mean I think I got them in high school nights never took them out and then I had surgery and I had to remove them and then I've not output another single earring in them sense which allow weird but I have a massive nickel allergy. You do. I am so sensitive to earrings and so I kind of don't even wear them anymore. Do you find that it's just in your ear or if you are a necklace or other jam rings bother me Okay and so i. I used to wear rings all the time now. I don't wear any rings none at all because they start to make me edge. Yeah that's like in my first hole. I'm not sensitive novas line flip that am I I super-sensitive and my second hole. I'm not as sensitive so interesting and I never really realized it was a nickel allergy. I just knew it wasn't a real metal or metal. My Body liked to the point. where like they'll bleeding in crack after wearing them for short amount of time second? I don't have that problem. I will say that the huggy earrings talking about Article Free allegedly the twelve dollars and that's the truth allegedly because I have bought many nickel-free hearing and then being like why do I win Clair's nickel-free earrings young. My ears interesting interesting. So I feel like I almost have to just go to a piercer and by likes surgical the surgical Yale. Yeah exactly yeah but India's the same way in fact when she first got her ears pierced she did. The you know the Piercer in the surgical steel and then her first. Pair of non In Non piercer earrings as Mrs Cute pair that someone had sent me and her ears grew around. The earring off. Swale like swelled is so disgusting packs full of fluid right. Yeah Yeah and I had to take him out and we had to regrow them leave. Here's some like a year later. It was terrible. That's a really sensitive. Not Fun what are your two at this last week. Okay we'll one of mine is this it. Is this nice little bottle of sleet. Miss that you spray on your pillow. It's from gardeners garden and it smells like lavender and it's heavenly but it's not too strong and it's funny. My kids really love it too. So at night they'll be like worst spray whereas spray specific child. Who really he can't sleep without? Oh I know totally so she has. India has won by her bed but it comes in his cute little bottle that you. I don't know aluminum or something pillow bedsheets sheets or the air or you can spray it in a great gift. It is a great gift who doesn't like that bad with like a self pillowcase self-care package. Oh my gosh. That's so true. I I like the guy. Might that might be my teacher. Viggo sleep missed with the satin. PILLOWCASE but yeah so that's one and then my other one is Okay so I just got this. Have you heard of nutro picks no okay so our front Anna is into this. Nutro picks are just like I mean. It's just a fancy word for supplements that help with brain functioning. Okay so there's this sounds like so much right exactly so there's this brand called Doxa to me. They actually have a whole bunch of different types of supplements but I have just been using their brain nutro picks which is like a powder that you can pop into a smoothie or into a drink But but it is supposed to increase your focus concentration. Your memory and recall amplifier mental processing. Take all my money. Well I know because I feel like we've talked about this the law in the selfie group. It's like a lot of hitting peri menopause and finding that our memory is crap and just fog. Oh my gosh. I can't remember. I mean Sarah and I talked about this in a previous episode like I can sometimes not remember the names of people I know well Or recall word. What you know the Cabbie Larry knows this word right? You just can't grasp like Oh. I WanNa make an artichoke. But I can't remember the women artichoke and then I ended up like I'll google for five minutes that vegetable that's green. That has spiky things on Um uh-huh to remember artesia so anyway. I hope that speaks more to and I'm not there yet so I don't know what's going to happen to me when premodern PAS comes terrified tried but I think that speaks more to maybe MOMS to have our load is so heavy. It's all of the but like we don't have any more space space left in our brain. I don't I am holding. I have so many tabs open in memory. Now I've so many things going on and you know that once you add a new one. Yeah one of them's GonNa go away. Artichoke is gone and knowing I now totally yeah so anyway I am giving this the college try taking it every day. I think it's helping. I will say Anna as much as I hate to give all the credit anything. She's usually really really good knowledgeable about this stuff. She everything I've ever tried that she's told me to help. With my brain or community has made me feel really good totally totally and this thing has the I mean. 'cause you're wondering what are the supplements that help your brain Alpha GPC Coleen Lean L. Carnitine L.. CARNITINE L tyrosine EXTE- extend release caffeine in it Alfonsin and one threes breath trimethyl lags design lacks Athene. Anyway listen lots of fancy things guys interested in this slow release extended caffeine. Yeah supposedly you. Don't get any jitters. You don't get a crash it's great 'cause there's no. GMO's in it. It's gluten free. It's you know But the extended caffeine is supposed to sort of amplify the effectiveness of all the other supplements. Face Yeah I feel like as a person with the ADHD this would be really great for me how it probably would be and my child. Yes I'll probably would be We'll speaking. Add are you still doing. CBD MHM for Your Kid. Who has has going great except when he goes and tells people hey I do? CBD Of course says but no. It's it I see it helping him. I'm not only Just with like you know his mental performance. But I also think it's helping him physically in his recovery right. I played high level sports and so so. I think that it's been really helping him. Just like repair okay. Not only do I see a lot of great results. But it feels really good talking about being vascular yes an inflamed it helps me. Yes the thing with CBD to that. He's adjusting It's helping with inflammation. Oh awesome so yeah. We're happy with that. Well the reason I wanted to talk about. CD is actually we have a CD. CBD Company as our sponsor today fantastic and. It is one that I really like. It's called feels F. E. A. L. S.. I like that I know and I mean first of well I just want to talk about the packaging because it's really cute packaging. I'm a sucker for marketing. If it's you know probably by academics and one thing I do like about this company is you can order what they call call a flight which is where you can try like they have three different strains that have higher composition of CD in them and so you can try all three to see which one works the best for you that way you're not committing something expensive. It doesn't work for you so I've talked quite a bit about why I use. CD I suffer from both anxiety and insomnia and now a lot of people people do We talked about it in the facebook group quite a bit so. CBD has been very helpful for me with that. And I really liked it is a premium. CBD That is delivered directly to your doorstep or stop you can get it on a subscription because they have found that you know people who know and like CBD WANNA use it on a regular basis. it naturally helps reduce you stress anxiety pain sleeplessness. It has definitely helped me with my insomnia. And it's really easy to take..

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