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You talk maybe tricky but like SE week to I've no idea what to think. There you, you're gonna get an, you're going to get a a freshman quarterback likely JT Daniels and their defense can't help, but be better than the world. Yeah. And that they lost. I think four I would say four. Their top five players. I mean holders, Batum defense. I wasn't good. Yeah, holders back Okeric. He's back. Those are big time players. But yeah, I mean, I get the trust factor. You know how I am with Stanford. Just always trying to figure out what would they could do better and you know pessimistic? Yeah, I guess I am, but that's just the way I am. And I look at things because I've seen it before where they do have time when they struggle, it's because of those things where it's that offense is three and out on the road, and the pressure just mounts on that defense, which is the recipe for a lot of teams. I just look at it that much more closely because you know, that's my school, but I would say under an eight and a half, that's what I would say. You would say over. I would just I would basically blind faith bet trust that they're going to win nine, but but I do. I do get your concern and you look at the game resear- last year may. Nearly lost the game, two or state. Yeah. And then you watched them a couple of weeks later, a ball game against. You're incessantly in the PacTel championship game or Notre Dame. They're unbelievable, and you go on. That's the one knock. I think some people have on on Shaw's Ed coach, everything that he's done and the the respect that he has been a really, really, really good head coach every now. And then the seem to find themselves in a game. They have no business being in jeopardy of losing that they're, that's the style. So that'll do it for our pack twelve after the break, we'll get to David Pollack in the a. c. c...

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