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And we're back just really quick stuff I mean this was kind of like I. Guess the One Oh, one of why Oh, failure is such a cool character but just so it's all said yeah. PUT It out there. She's she's a little rebellious kid. She doesn't wear fancy dresses that look exactly like the Alice in Wonderland dress because I'm sure a reason when you tell her To I liked that she has this really rebellious spirit, but it doesn't like. It doesn't mean that she's a bad kid like a lot of times. You see that movies where it's like you just need to learn to be good where she knows that her mom is wrong. She doesn't understand why her mom is making the wrong by her view, right? Yeah. She doesn't understand why her mom is. The decisions that she's making, but it doesn't. Destroy Their relationship. It definitely affects it but they still have this strong love and respect for each other that doesn't come apart even though they are being true to what they think is right in very different ways. which is something you don't usually get in a story like this where it's like I, mean I I guess I'm just in this head space because we are talking about the little mermaid a lot. About like Ariel disobeys her dad and he's like see a-, used sock your bad and that happens in stories with young rebellious protagonist and the A lot. Their parents are like, no I don't see it your way I was never a child. I'm going to destroy your room follows. Your lab labyrinth. But. In this I liked it. There are so many shades of grey to the mother daughter relationship even though you don't see them together that much but even that moment where I don't know my favorite moment they together on this watch when she's in the bathtub and she's just disobeyed for the five millionth time and her mom comes in and is like well, we're very disappointed in you were. Really frustrated and the captain is more disappointed than me see a- and I was like, okay that's like a really lovely and then affiliate gives this little smirk like how I'm glad I disappointed him because I hate him she knew and and I, and also like indicating to her that, her mom is not actually that disappointed in her and is just like which is lovely I like I like. Yeah I also like the relationship dynamics between the three of them. The three, the three main female protagonists being the mom states in. because. You have the mom who like struggling and trying to do the best mother I mean for her daughter. But then fairly also goes to this I have to say like. With. The, things that she can't talk about with their mother. I appreciate that being there in the movie because that I feel like that never it doesn't come up often what they child talking to an adult about kind of grown up things or things like this is how I feel because. They're the only two that can talk to each other really about like I'm in the secret rebellion and I've made a fun. Though at a lot of points to move says listens, but has also kind of like magic isn't railed, right? Yeah. But I think that's also just from coming from being hardened from living in a fascist regime perhaps what I like that Mercedes does that. affiliates. Mom doesn't is that? Yeah. I'd like it is definitely clear from the beginning that Mercedes is like, okay. This is like a kid thing and it's imagination thing but she doesn't try to really. Take that from affiliate because it seems like. I mean Mercedes especially as so entrenched in like some really difficult shit and it seems like she sees this kid and she's like oh my gosh this kid has such a wild imagination and has so much going on their inner life that at least doesn't it's a projection of living in a fascist regime, but it's at least finding in its hers and so she doesn't try to be like this is fake I think she's just like, okay. Don't don't take things too far. I Dunno geophysicist like feels like a cool aunt for fray. Especially because she says like, no I don't believe in those things now, but I did when I was your it, you know I did when I was a kid. So it's like she's leading feel you having it and like not telling her not to believe in those things whereas her mom is like these are you? Reading so many fairy tales like there is no magic and so like her mom is sort of her own little bit of oppression affiliate whereas Mercedes is. Like yeah like believe in whatever you want to believe in if it helps you cope with these awful times and going that I mean it's like style you were saying earlier that the. Fun is like an asphalt for sure. He's definitely gas lighting and confusing her constantly and like the goal of what he actually wants. US never clear and if if that is kind of like her projection of the world, she's around where It's this inner labyrinth that she has to navigate. That's full of male figures that she's kind of afraid of that are giving her. That's like I don't know just like providing endless confusion and lack of clarity like maybe that was what it is. I. Am always I guess just using this lens going in it. I. Guess I never really thought very hard about how? Like the mythical creature she encounters the ferries are coded female or they they use she prone but but you don't really know you. You don't I mean other than their protectors but like you don't really know much about them. But like the two characters you get to know in the labyrinth to kind deceptive and then the in the second, what are we? What are the almonds? is like terrifying. A little on the nose to. But that also I think blends nicely with like these are things that she's projecting the Pale man is. Because I. I hadn't realized how close Oh scenes were but the big dinner scene. Almost. Right. Before the payments and they are exactly mirrored. Right. So the Pale Man's cave is a little more Catholic Church -I. Yeah which care has said it's supposed to represent the Catholic. Yes. Yeah. That scenes criticism of that institution right I don't know if I even made that connection every time I watched this movie I'm just like so dazzled by. Like the visuals and I'm I'm always like, all right. There's also like symbolism and stuff that I keep forgetting to pay attention to I watched it twice for this and both times by the annals fuck I wasn't even thinking. Like research I was just watching the straight I know at once for fun because I knew it was to be able to focus because it's so good and I haven't seen it in years and then the second time for analysis and I still didn't pick up everything. It's just so rich yet it I mean has has del Toro said explicitly that the creature she comes across in the elaborate are just are her interpretation of what's going on in front of her I don't think he said that though I do like that but he did say that like the pale man is a reflection of but now As above. So below type of Guy, can we talk about Al Mercedes? Yeah. So one of the bigger Cathartic..

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