Hurricane Florence, President Trump, Fema discussed on Glenn Beck


Near the coast will experience hurricane force winds and hurricane conditions for twenty four hours or more. Steve Goldstein has Noah's liaison to FEMA saying hurricane Florence could stall right before or after landfall Thursday into Friday fifteen to twenty five inches of rain is forecast with up to forty inches near the exact center of Florence North Carolina. Governor ROY Cooper, we're talking about some massive flooding here. And that's where a lot of people die is in flooding. So we're trying to get people to high ground and get them say there are mandatory evacuations in parts of Virginia and the Carolinas. Fox's Jonathan series and rights, go beach North Carolina has eight o'clock this morning, we're under a mandatory evacuation. I don't wanna say it looks like a ghost town because there's actually some activity on the streets. But it's all media here. We have seen. A few residents though, some stragglers boarding up businesses here. President Trump says they're ready. Fox's John decker live at the White House. President monitoring the storm writing on Twitter, hurricane Florence may. Now be dipping a bit south and hitting a portion of the great state of Georgia the president in a White House. Video said FEMA is positioning in place throughout the southeast coast. We're fully prepared food, medical everything. You can imagine we already President Trump has declared states of emergency for north and South Carolina and Virginia opening the way for federal aid. Dave Jonah's been windy overnight in Hawaii where it's still before. Dawn tropical storm Olivia moving closer as here's the big island and Maui some areas could get over a foot of rain health officials have just put out a levels of epidemic proportion on e cigarette. Use for teenagers calling on the industry. The FDA is to address the problem or risk. Having those flavored vaping.

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