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You break some 15 Brian comes here Tried to stand by. What's with the tight lipped governor? That's a question that some are starting to ask. Governor Mike DeWine in Ohio has been averaging a covert briefing just about every three days. The last three or four months. We haven't heard from in those since May, 3rd and in that time governor got into it with our Bill Cunningham over reopening state started to feel the heat. About reopening when Kentucky and Indiana of lifted restrictions, and Ohio has not. It's been nine days since the last briefing done by the governor hiding under his death. We don't know if he plans to go today. We're waiting to find that out. He did seven briefings in April seven March and we all remember back during the start of this when he was doing one every day coming up our new 7 30. We will have more on the CDC today. Expected to approve the vaccination for younger people in Ohio and around the country. Those details and 15 minutes NewsRadio seven Over W NW, Washington goes ABC is Karen Travers. Good morning to you? Good morning. All right. So do you drive to work? I do, but it's like two miles. It's pretty quick. You have gas lines. Not in these scenes. No, no, We're okay here, but I mean, we're in the southeast, Technically, our mid Atlantic. I guess it would be but in the region that could be impacted. You know this pipeline, the colonial pipeline transports about 45% of all the fuel that's consumed on the East Coast from from Texas to New Jersey. So it's a massive, massive deal. You know what we're reporting today on this Stain out of the shutdown is that there are eight states reporting shortages. Four states, Virginia, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina have declared states of emergency and you're starting to see gas prices pick up. So what we're looking for today. The CEO of Colonial Pipeline is going to make a decision about when to restart it. By the end of the day, the expectation that decision will come out. But it's gonna take a few days for it to be fully operational. Heard from the energy secretary yesterday who used the words Supply crunch, not a gas shortage, she says. It's a supply crunch and things will be back to normal soon. But, you know, certainly I think a lot of cause for concern in some of those states that are impacted right now. It's more the Southern states Caroline's, in particular to find themselves running out of gasoline entirely over 1000 gas stations that have closed because they wild you know, and the secretary of energy is message yesterday was that there is gasoline. It just have to get to those places and that's going to take a little bit of time. So you know, we'll see if anything reopens over the next few days, even if the pipeline is so getting back up and running. But the other big message yesterday was no price gouging methods for gas station owners from Secretary Grand Home was the administration, state and federal officials will be investigating if there are if they see any evidence and price gouging. You know, kind of a favor of price gouging. You don't have to work. I guess it keeps people from buying up your whole supply keeps those who would ward it keeps the orders away. And there ends up being more gas for more people that way. So you know, and certainly trying to like you seeing talking some of those states for their declaring the state of emergency of like how you could make sure people aren't taking off the gas for themselves. And you know, how do you do limitations very tricky to do especially so quickly. On when you hear that this could all be resolved in just a matter of days. So patients I think is another big message. 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We get these messages, sometimes reminding us from our corporate bosses and others to not open emails with attachments. Don't open attachments and things like that. Well, that happened here in the U. K a railway company, the employees of the message thanking them for being on top of things throughout the course of the pandemic. And some of the huge strain placed on a large number of people, and we want to reward you. With a Bonus that comes your way. So we click on this T O collect find out about your bonus They did and it opens up and it says Basically it was a fishing simulation test to see if they would click on an attachment told them there is no boat. There is no bonus for you and you shouldn't have opened is the bad men in the first place. That's rude. It is. That's just wrong. It is they tell you to remain vigilant. Now, this this thing, it was a crass of reprehensible move on the part of the company that's almost beyond belief. Now they're saying they're demanding an apology and the actual bonus. Yes, we want both that is called. Let's nasty. I mean, especially you're thanking him for working as hard as they did during the pandemic, And then you pull that Pull that on him, all right, anyway. It hasn't happened here. No. And look they That was an actual real one. Yeah, they did. Give us now. All right, Traffic wise, What's going on from the UC Help Traffic center during National Hospital. We we recognize and thank you See health employees and clinicians who are making a difference every day west them.

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