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Hatchet if that's the right term between the palestinian authority and hamas in gaza like i say when when people ask me about the cyprus conflict just call me when it happens and abby be and and and now believe it and eto and it call me six months later if it's still it's still intact i hit it will look i think that this is the it would be better if the palestinian scott their domestic house in order it would be better if the israelis also had their domestic house in order but i don't see how that's really can habit a l look if i was palestinian i'd say what are we just dissolve the palestinian authority it's become basically a mechanism of patronage as well as the subcontractor for israeli security address continued to do things that undermine the whole rationale for the palestinian authority which was to build the institutions of the palestinian state so again it it it the way we think about it and questions about you know two states in peace seems to me not consistent with our reality there may be more questions in the bunch of questions that just came in on this but let me just uh switchover a for a moment to on the other end of the middle east if you will and one question was specifically with respect to saudi arabia on will a future saudi king mohammed bin salman be positive for us foreign policy in the region and i guess i'd expand on say be positive for peace in um uh uh the arabisraeli confrontation uh my my view muhammad bin salman is colored by my view of what of egypt actually monitoring summoned for those of you don't knows this 32yearold crown prince of saudi arabia and he his big signature thing besides getting saudi arabia into the war in yemen has been something called vision 23 which is to remake the saudi economy and society to open it up in sunday's of to me and any any argument four vision 23 which i think is kind of funny when you think about it like what's perfect as envision it's 2020 vision that 2030 visions but of course they're talking about the year 2030 patil it's kind of fun um.

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