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Their job is to tackle you, and then they make business decisions, too. How do you not tackle somebody? Well, you know, it hurts. You know, I think it's like, you know, if you get hit in the face with a bat, you don't want to step in the batting cage again for a while. What? Someone swinging your like that kind of hurt a little bit. Maybe all this shit behind this fence and watch For those DBS is kind of the same thing If I look, I just tackled this dude, Why am I tackled him? Why the corner in the safety empty? This is for linebackers and then linebacker. Look, Look, You're getting this guy at five yard head start. OK, Be line is your job, but the lines like, Look, I'm trying to come on block. I'm not sure I put my face out there. So you get ran over to and Hertz is a business like you said. It's just like do I want to take this pain or not? Some people don't want to. Well, most people don't want to, uh, that terrible loss for the Rams yesterday. You know, they had a great comeback, and then you lose to the 40 Niners here. But I will say watching Erin Donald There is I know that we can put my home's wherever we want to put in. But as far as the guy that is just better than everybody else on the field, you know is Aaron Donald. It's It's scary, even double teaming him. It's a he's a phenomenon he truly is, and he's gonna be one of those guys where we look at his numbers. When it's all said and done. We're going to go. He only had like 72 sacks. And he's so much more dominant than any other defensive player in the game. You get to see him all the time. Listen. First of all, just talk about that game. It seems like the Niners and college said they did. They're just a kryptonite to the ranch. They just know how to play them. They know how to neutralize Donald for most of the game, Not all of it. They know how to get under Jerry Golf skin, and so they have done it again right with Mullins and they found a way to get the game going. But It was crazy, calling that game like everybody's spirits were low because he's like time is running out like something you have to make a play and on the broadcast. My partner J belong we were talking into Marco for and I was like the defense has to score here. On this drive. And then, sure enough, Erin Donald does what Aaron Tunnel does and gets a strip of crude creates a fumble forced fumble there in Detroit Hill picks it up and then on the next series, get the sack right after right, and the guy who hadn't had a tackle. Um, and two weeks didn't have a quarterback had a couple quarterback pressures but not a sack comes up with a tip pick tipped our tip the ball that I intercepted impact of this game. Like crazy, and it's because they needed it. And so it's funny to say that because the Rams have another great defensive player in Jalen Ramsey, but you can see the difference. You know, with Aaron Donna what he's able to do it, and it's He's only getting double and triple teams and this allowing these other guys to make play. You still lead the league in facts, which is crazy, right? So we take it for granted how great he is. But what I do love about it more than anything, Dan is that He's never satisfied, right? He's always upset. He's always frustrated. He wants to do want more. I mean, I think that's what makes the great great that like you're just not satisfied with a phenomenal performance because it wasn't good enough to win. And so he's going back to work and he's getting back and I think everybody's getting back to work in radio. Get after it. It was your Super Bowl pick. Oh, it was Chief Buck. Um, early on, Um, Some people had the same. Some had the Rams. I think the Rams will have a chance if they match up with the proper team. But I believe you know, right now is good as Pittsburgh is undefeated season all those like cancer. The chief does. Like I tell people that's all the time then it's It's just like you're you're You're crazy. The only way to beat the cancer the cheese if you score 40 points. The only way A bad game against the Raiders. They lost 32 to 40. So you have to be able to put up 40 points have often to do that. And if you can't Um, you know, Sucks to be you kind of thing. Great to talk to you. I hope you're doing well. I'm doing the best I can with all this lockdown. You know, Um Trying to just stay busy and keep educating and entertaining through through. You know our our our life of sports, which is awesome, But I hope you're doing well. Well, I hope everything for you is working out and What city are you living in now? I'm in Connecticut. I'm everything's great. You know, I get to go to the man cave every day, and I got a golf simulator in here. Got a basketball hoop. Got a grill. Uh, your stuff real quick. Can we switch checks? Because I mean, I'm just trying to get that too. One day when I grew up just a golf simulator in the man cave like Yeah, but you got that NFL money. You got NFL running back money, man. You know they don't. They don't. They don't value running back. No, no, no. I need you to win a bunch of games. They need to close out game. They just don't give us the money to do such so We'll see how I go. Okay. Would you sign running back to a second contract? Would depending on what he's able to bring to the table. I think that's what every position that like I believe that a lot of people we signed quarterbacks because we're supposed to sign quarterbacks like I'm not signing quarterback unless he's he's exceptional. This draft another one and the same thing with the running back. I'm not gonna sign a running back or offensive lineman I gave Dallas to do over Mojo. Would you have re signed Zeke Elliott? No question. No, You don't want to give him that money. No, he's getting He's giving you his best year. He's got a backup. Who's Justus? Good. Uh, do that After you guys of being disrespectful. I think I think in this situation what Zika did for the for the Dallas Cowboys..

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