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Promise you and if you've never seen the speech that valvano gave at the was the first or second espy wards shortly before his death the never give up speech it's incredibly it out on youtube i ended up taking a class on public speaking like ed xavier university right about when he did that and i ended up i think i forgot to my homework so i had to do something i think i ended up doing some rambling like how great jimmy v speech was right at the time it was incredible to watch or your cool that's what's happening in the news okay tinseltowns own laura dern shows that whether it's in hollywood or joe blow down the street a career ebbs and flows ups and downs i think we can all speak to that as well in our own lives and in the nfl is no different sometimes you're up sometimes you're down the gold is get back up that's when you've actually built greg rosenthal a real career when you could really survive the valleys get back to the peaks yes or no i think i think that's accurate i mean laura dern she's got the talent so when when the director star colin she had some personal struggle she had a divorce from ben harper right and harper's on but now it's like she's never been never been better no chance the divorce the breakup with ben was very difficult i believe they had a child or diamonds on the inside guy that dude big napster star if you around during napster's heyday ben harper everywhere he was every late nineties.

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