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And you drive out in fifty minutes or less. You gotta love that valvoline instant oil change. No cones to, to guaranteed em seven ninety. K. ABC. Seek talkradio seven ninety listening to a nation divided. I'm Brian Dunne sitting across from my best friend, Mr James, oats. And we're getting to the bottom of one of these most divisive of issues. Some call it climate climate change. Some call it global warming. L shook up the entire world while back with the inconvenient truth inconvenient truth. That's how a lot of people being sequel. Right. That, you know, is it real is based on science. You know, I've been a lawyer for long time, you can pay an expert witness to say almost thing that I've ever done. That is true. You can create a statistical study that will create any results that you want if you use the right data. So this is real. Is this something that we really should be taking seriously? Larry weary. And we were talking to you before we broke up some really important about the sun. I didn't want to cut you off brother please finish your thought. I had to that was the one in your guest has some comments about about some of the misunderstandings of Seinfeld. Love to hear what he has to say about that -absolutely. Yes. So, you know, here's how that works Leary, and there has been a lot of controversy over this, obviously, in the scientific community. Because what they there's a there's a thing called the little ice age. And so I my favorite one of my favorite authors, Brian guy, brain fake, and I've actually got his book here. Brian figures written all the stuff about, like sailing up and down the California coast. He.

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