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Part of i'm a comeback allison it was on the floor of your mejor wasn't on the floor manager i was nash me and i had my back and then i put you got that's right a master made every day and i put the right next to my head because i like this smells minutes and i had you need to get out and then i hear like no money he is the didn't want to get on you have you can throw it turned talk when you're going to master made and the dog next you put in the great he's a puppy i like twenty watches with i like to me is when i i like when he goes like rob here are our it's good is because in the sugar these so i'm going to take and then he the answer eating and i look over and i just see like his i losing is feels like the powered like to crest years ago gross a thing of everything about scout because he's like you know against a lot i know what should in like forty nine stays yeah talking to tally so yeah everything services bauman yeah analyst that right no he's mining cannot which is the story told joke now he's a very spot he's a very and it's all the come we've i'm with my guy knows how to tell xm and he needs to follow and under the million one hundred really down is not true what is it and let me there's martin golden oh no retriever injured retriever is are down lapses my from them in a way don't each of time you down youth some of.

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