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So a really busy Wednesday got a great day for you. Let's get it. I've got an interview coming up next segment. So what you want to do is get yourself the rotation is quickly as possible that you know me If the right phone call, I will bust this form out wide open, especially with Super Bowl coming up. But things do change That cell phone number is 18006368686. Don't wait on me if you know what you want to talk about. Pick up the phone log me a call. Get through Adam Hawk! Get on! Hold get on the air. I change your life. The very least, might make the show better. Would take. Don't suck coming up. Next segment. I've got a conversation with a safety for the Cincinnati Bengals. Jesse Bates. Next hour. Sensational us here. Michael Chandler. You may have seen him last week. He was incredible. We will have that coming up. That's our number two top of our number three Tampa Bay Bucks corner. Sean Murphy Bunting, who has been playing lights out of late. Some look for that. It is a beef day. Normally on Wednesday, we have the What's your beef? In the middle of our number two, But we put that thing where we put that thing, so there's going to be an enormous plastic tower of beef. That's coming up and that will be in our number three. So if you're wondering about the beef segment is coming up at 11 20 Pacific to 20 Eastern Wednesdays in a teepee day, and we hit Episode number 160. The German podcast. Going to be with a key to leave. I'm gonna put myself out on limb and say, I think it's gonna be great. You know why I've already taped it. I know it's great. Guys so great. I keep to leave is awesome. So we're gonna push that out after the program today, 18006368686 and I need you to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram at Jim Rome. Well, let me start some NFL. And not the game itself. And again. I will be in Tampa at the end of next week. There is no radio row, but I'm gonna do this Show one show only a one off a week from this Friday, so I'll be in Tampa for that. And these Super Bowl coverage on Sunday. In the meantime, let me be honest about one thing after the season that Aaron Rodgers just completed the last thing that I thought that I'd be talking about in late January. Would be his future in Green Bay. But here we are here, The BLEEP we are way are exactly what we're talking about. Earlier this week, Packers team President Mark Murphy went on W T H Q W NFL radio and said the following I quote I'll say this. There is no way in heck that Aaron is not going to be on the Packers. I mean, he is going to be the M V P of the lake. He might have had his best year ever. He's are unquestioned leader and you know, we're not idiots and quote. So that should put an end to that right there, right? The Packers team president says they know how good Rogers is that he's their unquestioned leader. They're not idiots. That should be the end of that story, right? Especially when Rogers himself was on with Pat McAfee. I got this that there's any reason why I wouldn't be back. But look, I think there's there's not many absolutes as you guys know in this business, so it's a to make an absolute statement about something. That is not an absolute It's just I didn't do it, you know, And I guess that's why I went kind of kind of nuts. So there you go. There is some wiggle room there. When he points out that there are no absolutes, but certainly it seems like he's fine. They're fine. Why would they bust up one of the best things ever? I mean, sure, Losing the Tampa Bay in the NFC title game at home sucks badly. But Aaron is bawling out, and they've gotten amazing thing going, right? And as the Packers and the president said, We're not idiots will do absolutely everything we can to keep Rogers. You know, I'm not just keep him, but they should do everything they can to keep him happy. And not just because he is the unquestioned leader. And because he's the M v P soon to be. But for a host of other things and reasons. Absolutely. They should keep him and keep him happy. So nothing to see here, right? Everybody just keep moving, right? Let's not get into that just yet. Actually, my guy Jason, locking fora already has gotten into it. He's got a piece up on CBS sports dot com That adds a little spice a little juice to this conversation. It starts with a story jail, See writes quote on Sunday night. I got a text from a number that I did not recognize. Within minutes of sending a tweet about why I believe the 40 Niners make the most sense to be Aaron Rodgers next team. The text inquired as to why a different team would be an even more fitting destination and quote, jealousy. Right said he proceeded to lay out quote in fairly blunt terms and quote why that different team doesn't make sense as a destination for Rogers. TLC says he thought that this text was coming from producer at CBS Sports HQ who was looking to get info for a graphic for the money morning show and sure enough It turns out it was coming instead from the head coach off a different team and that head coach said, quote. Everything you said is true. But trust me, we want in on this thing. It's never really been good between him and the coach. It's been a long feeling out process and it looks like it's over. Aaron knows exactly what he's saying. And exactly what he's doing. End quote. Hello And, oh, jealousy goes on the right that what the head coach was saying was an echo off other things that he has heard from coaches, G, M's and other league personnel, all of whom quote Are convinced a bitter divorce is pending between one of the greatest quarterbacks off this or any generation and these stories Green Bay Packers and quote And then if you want another quote on that check this out from an assistant coach D. J. L C quote. It's been the worst kept secret in football. I don't think they've ever really won him over last year, They held him back. And then they picked his replacement in the draft. This guy is nothing if not calculated. He's sending a signal to the rest of the league. Come and get me. And quote. Again. Oh, Aaron Rodgers is smart as hell. And I don't know if he's looking to send a message or not, if he's looking to bust out or not, But if he is, can you really blame him? The guy led the Packers to the NFC Championship game last year..

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