Kevin Mccarthy, President Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Responsible. I'm Jane Metzler, Fox News. They are lashing out because the president has gotten tough on them. And rightfully so. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy calls recent attacks on oil tankers near the strait of Hormuz payback for the president, pulling the US out of the new clear deal and new economic sanctions. He imposed McCarthy appearing on FOX's Justice with judge Janine Saturday night. So did South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham today? Here's what's going on there filling the pressure. And they're pushing back, we've got him in a corner. There are wounded cage animal, the Ayatollah is a religious Nause, if he had a bomb, he would use it against Israel, he would destroy us, if he could he's trying to reshape Islam in his own radical image are the Iranian people are not our enemy. But this religious the is Britain agrees Iran's to blame for Thursday's tanker attack. Tax Germany calls the evidence. It has seen so far insufficient south bend, Indiana, mayor and presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg, a former navy intelligence officer who served in Afghanistan said. Away. I local news offending Tonio area nurse with HIV is facing charges accused.

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