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Out i and i died i is the most profound moment in my life that never the minimum life not even been napa pow experience i've seen a felt and nine times since then and this one particular time felt like i feel all the pain that i caused everybody that i've been experienced life caused panic felt the pain million and i it's just a tough guy a bad motherfucker sort of god of war in fucking disintegrated in private the and i never looked at people the same untreated them sane of sense and then that's close folk to experience anything they finally currently in every time we do the the different fans prepare for it taking you somewhere else and i don't i i feel i feel that i have a calling on my life i feel that's where i wanted to get in touch once you get in touch a debt there call them why do you feel like the who gave you that calling i had to see somebody i remember being a child and and i will always want to go in the backyard night and lie down on my back and look up at the stars like i said we didn't have streetlights larry every star and i be out there in a mom would see our opening a glass door the back door and she'd be anthony anthony anthony get in this house and say i'm praying mama branch because you can pray in your big house but there was just something i spell and i was probably like six seven i just felt the presence of god i felt that that was something i was supposed to do i i felt when i remember when i was a child they would they would show us a bobby kennedy and dr king and these guys and you forget like now they've been there for so long it's like like not that big of a deal but if you're born in sixty eight that's a year they were killed so when you're in kindergarten that's just five years ago now imagine somebody killed obama llama right now a child that was born that year five years later they've never they don't know so i remember this kidney patrick carmody and my kindergarten class asked my teacher jim is brown who was bobby kennedy she started crying like a baby and i never seen adult cry i didn't even really know the dealt could cry because they were used up crying so as i wo- and i asked my mom and she was stumbling around and words and stuff and i just felt again that those guys died the year i was born bobby kennedy was trying to do something positive positive for some reason it felt like i was supposed to take their but it's not rational because other kids heard the same thing same thing didn't they didn't do what i would do so all i can say is that my whole life i never had to guess what i was gonna do you always knew i was going to work for justice help people right and fight that was the two things i wanted to do i was too nerdy to fight but but in my mind i was preparing so there's a calling on my life i feel almost now like i said i have nothing left to prove i i've already gotten four presents in a role to do something positive that i believe that and the world is a shambles and all this stuff is happening is polarization i don't care what the republicans or democrats think ncua white or black thing i just want that's why i'm studying i there's a there's a prayer this trying to come through me that i've got to get myself completely cleaned out and able to channel so i can really find out what god wants me to do going forward okay yeah i can take that think that moveon you're the man now they fucking man thank you for coming here i appreciate it appreciate the opportunity and and let me back and like i said i'm i'm lily at a spiritual crossroads and i'm praying for god to give you my next set of directions orders and you know this has been powerful imagine i mean i mean we just met mike's step into my mother-in-law though he's awesome yeah i always he's love your perspective man he's corporate media sucks i have to say it's not it's not a public radio or stub oh by love stillwell up i love sesame street i love hotel i love mr rogers i love the electric company because TV morgan freeman electric company genie back any more yeah you think about it because TV we're gonna with like a wasteland like cartoon violence violence and cut cowboys they had these couple of shows i blew past him anything it was all violent and crazy and then they had a a couple of shows they said we're gonna use television for good yeah and that's in my heart i wanna use TV for good and so i appreciate it and they let the van jones show they call it sesame street for grown on people i tried to bring people together let me do the redemption project where i was showing people coming together who wanted committed a crime the other would have been the victim we brought them together incarceration inc podcast let me do so CNN keep letting me do it's ositive stuff screw that is tough because it's a very very negative media environment environment right now we gotta we gotta keep we keep our candle lit for so we'll keep doing it man spreading the truth thank you so often the support any way that we can support you worry hey listen i call on all forces people they couldn't do where they can find your which is good for them to do yes listen reform alliance dot com just go there you can sign up you're going to be a part of what we're doing proud to be a part of the cut fifty movement c. u. t. five zero dot org is also a great organization but the main thing is in your own life if you can give a job to somebody consider somebody who's formerly incarcerated considered somebody who's you know from a tough neighborhood if you you gotta school year running or program include people just because somebody did something guy call it that you probably did when you were in college don't leave him out over what the world needs more now is love we a amen yeah agree under the name bike yes great show beautiful episode hey everybody thank thank you so much for listening to this special episode of outbox my mother-in-law ray here 'cause she came to see the van jones people without the mandate people looking at you love that they got good genes FM jayme could people depot's also until next time everybody i'm ed in britain in that mike tyson we're out of here.

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