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The man convicted of ramming his car into a crowd protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville Virginia killing a woman a twenty seventeen has been ordered to pay more than seventy five thousand dollars to some of the wounded the Charlottesville newspaper the daily progress reports a federal court released the restitution agreement for white supremacist James fields on Monday it says for victims of the twenty seventeen attack should receive payments from thirty five hundred to about sixty thousand dollars according to the agreement all the victims were informed of their rights to seek restitution field has been convicted of murder hate crimes and other charges the raiders check off a tumultuous week A. P.'s Riley all reports the team chalked up an opening Monday night with at home against the Broncos after a week filled with drama resulting in the release of Antonio brown the raiders rebounded from the side show of number eighty four and closed out week one by beating the Broncos on Monday Night Football twenty four to sixteen Derek Carr was a solid twenty two of twenty six passing for two hundred fifty nine yards and a touchdown Tyrone Williams one of the new receivers for Oakland have six receptions for a hundred and five yards including an eight yard touchdown catch Josh Jacobs a rookie from Alabama at eighty five yards rushing into scores Denver's Joe Flacco was twenty one of thirty one for two hundred sixty eight yards and a score in the Los Riley on Oakland. following a string of insults against the wife of France's president world leaders have offered their support to proceed macro the insults regarding her appearance from Brazilian president cherub also now came during recent clashes between the two countries regarding weeks of fires in the Amazon rainforest an official close to the French First Lady told the Associated Press on Tuesday she's received numerous messages of support from private individuals and public figures including heads of state. a radio. I read a full length it's nine eleven there will be remembrances in New.

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