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In the house morning joe any ray this is a hollow notes song the title of it is out of touch this goes out to the united states congress the men and women in the united states house and senate and the mainland oh lord lord dassault so crazy heavy breathing about this family medically bill that the main legislature wants to the fun whether point five percent tax on employees i'm synagogue wait a minute i already offer it why am i going to have to have my employees pay for at one i already offer it yeah they won't in there won't be an exemption right now so what is that about y'all you have employ employers who do the right thing in knit yet you want to punish them in their employees for no reason with rare exceptions and there are exceptions with rare exception particularly no tight labour market like this employers do everything they can because they have to hang on their pay exactly and so if an employer isn't offering certain benefits is because they've just financially can now are there are some exceptions to that yes but for the most part your people are your product you're people are your company yaohan in tight labour market if you're not doing it and somebody else's they'll go see them look now where not this huge mega corporation the night get you're not i thought you were yeah i wish i was but i i'm sure it's a lot different for working for these big companies that you don't know on your employees here he can by no every single one of them and i know their families them now i tried to do as much as i can and even to the point of i probably do too much at times which is not beneficial to the company but let you sleep at night.

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