Bronx, Bayonne Bridge, Senator Bob Menendez discussed on Mark Levin


And the city they gonna give the same Bronx DA Dr sell Clark hopes these verdicts bring more peace to the community, we look forward to ending the violence in the Bronx. And hopefully we'll have more peace in the Bronx, all five face life in prison, when sentenced, I'm Liz Warner for seventy seven WABC new. Erta blouse, yo calling for a ban on all civilian helicopter traffic over Manhattan in his weekly radio appearance. The mayor says most helicopter traffic should be restricted and the city needs federal, governments help to impose stronger regulations. His comments coming after Monday's deadly chopper crashed in mid midtown, the pilot, Tim McCormack died, when his chopper crashed on the roof of building on seventh avenue during poor weather conditions port authority, closing the books on the Bayonne bridge reconstruction project with an official dedication ceremony New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez says raising the height of the bridge. Connecting Staten Island Bayonne raises the economic futures of the entire state region. It was about securing the port of New York, and New Jersey as the mega port of the east coast as the gateway for global commerce in jobs into twenty-first-century. He says business was being lost to places like Halifax Canada and Norfolk Virginia. Since modern supertankers and shipping vessels couldn't pass underneath the over seven hundred forty three million dollar project. Raising the richest high. One hundred fifty one feet to two hundred fifteen feet Toronto Raptors winning their first NBA title on the road after beating the Golden State Warriors, one fourteen one ten Mike Breen with the final call on ABC. The campus. Chance down closing down seventeen points. Nasdaq down forty s and p.

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