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Version of previously rejected. good Friday agreement at risk that would trigger a race to the bottom on. because consumers and our precious environment he labeled the plan a trump deal brexit. our economy. the standards of put a floor under people's rights. Johnson's plan faced an even harsher critique from European Union officials the E. U. parliament said his proposals for the Irish border don't even remotely amount to an acceptable deal the E. U.'s committee on brexit called it a last minute effort that doesn't match what they had agreed to as a sufficient compromise Ireland's prime minister also accused Johnson of contradicting his own previous proposals on the border with Northern Ireland I'm Steve casting down at ten till Robert workman has sports baseball playoffs National League division series centerstage on Thursday the cardinals fought off the Braves seven six in Atlanta Braves had a three one lead going into the eight bridge lever Chris Martin and allowed a run since August left before he even threw a pitch complaining of tightness in his left oblique that seem to upset the whole bullpen apple cart his replacement Luke Jackson came on his second pitch deposited into the left field seats by Paul Goldschmidt then he gave up three straight singles to bring in the tie rod then in the night the cards got two bases loaded doubles off Martin alliance and good for a seven three lead now the Braves didn't give up the rally for three of the nine Ronald your junior and Freddie Freeman went deeper Carlos Martinez finally righted the ship and closed it out game two in Atlanta this afternoon four thirty eastern on C. B. S. cardinals ace Jack Flaherty against Mike voltage for the brothers Dodgers like the nationals in the late game six nothing in Los Angeles Walker Buehler the Faris's hill Washington the two hits and struck out thirteen well Patrick Corbin's first playoff appearance for DC and after a little bit of a rough start for walks in the first inning lead to a run the last picture to give up for walks in his first inning in the post season was a fellow named art Reinhardt for the cardinals in nineteen twenty six to the guys he water named Ruth and Gehrig next month the other bases loaded walk also added a two run single get election jock Peterson added the insurance runs with pension homers in the eight game to a Dodger Stadium tonight nine thirty eastern on C. B. S. Stephen Strasburg against Clayton Kershaw bring the popcorn the American League division series begin today raise an Astros in Houston twenty one game winner Justin Verlander go. as for the Stroh's while Tampa Bay tech Tyler glass now who dismissed for a month of the season with a strained forum came back in September made for short starts if you don't love twelve and a third innings allowed five hits and struck out twenty one that'll work the game time to five eastern on Fox Sports one tonight as the twins and Yankees in New York fourteen game where who's a better use for Minnesota New York counters with fifteen game winner James Paxton first it's just after seven eastern that will be on the.

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