A new story from Jared and Katie


Head if it to three or four three news the coda is it two three or four to yes on the if you're using this style of cutting and eating food you keep your fork in your left hand at all times is it American continental or European hello so is right to stay in the game the Boston massacre happened this week in what year seventeen seventy seventeen eighty or seventeen ninety seventeen eighty seventeen eighty end correct the correct answer is twenty twenty when the Titans beat the patriots away now the correct answer all right to go to congratulations you are the champion of jeering Katie's battle of the sexes so you know inside the actors studio was hosted by a great man James Lipton yes she since passed away right rest in peace but at the very end as such my faith yes yes that's right at the very bottom right up at the house you don't know the details I haven't had my face yet I have twice now twice I knew I was gonna be out of a challenge for the entire show how many times we touch her face because the corona virus we sail the sea we can't interface Katie has to nothing the rest of their yeah does the same thing came close once you can touch your head in the back of your head that doesn't sound if you use your shirt now okay then I have not your short and use your hand yes I take my shirt and I rub my shirt like this on my face yes I can I'm sorry for it's safe for them but just touch her face yeah with your fingers I mean because you we also take a pen the whole time is not now I cannot do that yeah whole face itches but actually if you take your shirt and then you move it to your face your hands are then on your fabric and then skate Yasser disadvantage because I have floppy live my waters I'm sorry to hear that over here bawling my eyes out my first one today you can you can get a tissue right now not covering your I just think I make a simple we just can't tell any older best you can get on your face you're gonna have like I crossed on your shoulder and now what you're allowed to touch you have to tell us with keep a tally trying to be aware where else can very hard so James lived and passed away yes and at the end of inside the actors studio there were there quick ten questions very fast James Lipton asked every single person typically big name celebrities who come through the actors studio yes we found it fascinating and so we want to play inside jeering Katie studio yes at last studio right now inside your daily studio we're going to ask man kids are mad you don't know first the very first person to answer the questions from James Lipton that's next one oh seven five KZN with the music five Casey first in.

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