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Welcome to AMR trains, a podcast about training and racing and endurance sports. I'm Demi McDowell cofounder of another mother runner. And I'm Sarah Watson Flynn. I'm happy to be back with you, Demi. I know I'm glad to be reunited. It feels so good. And this podcast is coming out two days after the official Father's Day. But you catch the pro runners like Ryan Hall or the pro dads, I guess, celeb pro runners. When you can get them. But I wanted to take a moment because you recently put up a post about your dad and how he got you running. I think you put it up for national runners day. And I want you to tell that story and kind of talk about how he inspired you, how he got you running. That was sure. Well, my dad is a Brooklyn boy born and raised and never did any kind of running. He always jokes that he was a professional stick ball player. So he played in the streets and you know, he's always into ball sports and had four girls, and we were like, you know, entertained him with the idea of maybe we would play basketball and softball, but never really good. And then I have three older sisters and two of them got into running..

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