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Now in December and New England has passed all those things with flying colors like so it's it's not a matter of Xs knows they have Tom Brady Bill Belichick. They face more adversity than any team out there. It's the patriot in how they do things is is what I have to trust more. Now, Kansas City has a lot of town. I believe they're off. Will be explosive. It's hard to be last in yards per game in think you're going to trust that defensively because yeah, I mean that right there that's time of possession right there. So you're going to have game would if you have bad weather and what if you have a game, where team has the has the ball thirty six thirty eight minutes how you gonna win those games. You have to play a perfect game. Can't turn the ball over so puts a lot of pressure on offense. That's why I gotta trust to the pets more. We both sat here yesterday and said that we believe the chiefs are better than if this game were in Arrowhead. They would've won that the patriots played their perfect game. Ten more seconds are. Chiefs got the ball last. They have one and that the chiefs have reinforcements coming in the form of Justin Houston and potentially Eric berry. I still believe all of those things by also think you have to trust the patriots more because the patriots, we know they can sustain injury. We've seen them do it. We know they can execute a playoff comeback. We saw him do it two years ago in the Super Bowl last year, knaves championship game against the Jaguars. What's the chiefs playoff memory blowing a three score lead to Marcus mariota at home. That was this past year. I understand. It's a different quarterback. What's right? What's Andy Reid? Great. Playoff memories with the chiefs there aren't any losing the game that I mentioned. Right. They're losing a game to the Steelers where you score touchdowns. They score non, it's at home and you still lose that game. Like for all of those reasons, you have to trust the pass more even if you think the chiefs are better, even if you think the chiefs are more talented that what they earned and what Brady's earned. And I don't coach mate. A very interesting point yesterday when I pressed him on our if you don't believe in Patrick Mahomes, what young quarterback do you believe Djabel even Carson Wentz and he said, well, I'd like Carson Winston a playoff game before I say that as much as I believe, Patrick Mahomes is a star in this league. His first playoff game, we saw nerves at the beginning of this game against the pats. We saw him miss a touchdown, pass to cream hunt on that wheel route. They hadn't. It wasn't that some great coverage. He just missed him. Like, what are the nerves going to be for Patrick Mahomes in his first playoff game? Because I'll tell you what Tom Brady's nerves are going to be none whatsoever. It's going to be whatever playoff game they played start their postseasons going to be roughly the thirty fifth biggest game of Brady's career. So for all those reasons, I think you have to trust the patriots more. The one thing that Tom Brady has over Patrick Mahomes is the one thing he'll always have over Patrick Mahomes until he goes through it.

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