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Cried passion, then pageantry of college football leaves here the Paul finebaum show our one pint cast, South Carolina. What do you say. Paul, we are doing great. Thank you before I'm getting into lock to bet everybody know we got free answer. They've losing their houses and stuff with floods and the hurricane, all that stuff. And it is bad that he really. Glad you brought a lot of people I, I was up east this weekend. I hope everything went well. I know you live down there in the flood. I say, listen, we great, but and there's a sense it's over, but I was reading a story earlier. It's getting worse, isn't it? It just it really is the the flood is unbelievable. Connolly comedies underwater. They're You just. just. Got friendly that they came back, get that they see face to the houses. They kick get back to them. They're all flooded. It's just say a situation with everything perspective. But the point now it really does because and it same thing happened. The point Rico, the same thing happened. It's over his, not in the news anymore, and people just act like it's, it doesn't matter. But I know it does. Any back help. Just come down here up. This is bad. It really is. You know, we're lucky we, we have no Dame or anything. You know pretty high gnome what doesn't face anyway. It's a bad situation. So what are called about those businessmen? I a couple of weeks ago, bad base nail, you know? And if he was on the power five team, whatever he would be a method, the Heisman. And watch the game Saturday night and. Everybody talks about the defense defense Kentucky's office line is unbelievable. I'm, they there that all young, but that. They are really good. Of course, they're, they're just physical as you can be. They are not going to be Georgia. Obviously, nobody's going to be Alabama, Georgia, probably SEC, you know, but in the late yet, but they can have a hell of year. They really are really are, you know, and this nail kids. Unbelievable. He really is. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. What's the interview with them either? Well, listen, I hope hope things get better where you are really good to hear from you, Aaron in Columbia, Missouri, Aaron, welcome to the program. Air you there. About no, errand Dominic is up next. What do you say Dominic how you doing Paul row Tyrol I'm calling in Paul and the sad part about it for the universe. All these teams talking about, they won't Alabama specially hosts each out of Maimi of fit last week when he said it would be a much better game. But the sad part about it is Paul to a having played a whole complete game yet, and I don't. I wish that kill me with game. You think you see to compete game the of it. I don't think he's gonna play. A complete game into Alabama is tested in the fourth quarter, which I think the next time that will happen will be November. Third in Baton Rouge. And another thing you know, my brother and my cousin play that university out a lot of the Alabama fans, meaning appreciate, Jalen hurts. You know, thank you. Appreciate the endorsement three hours ago, Benny snow later on to listening to Paul finebaum show podcast..

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