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Disrespecting flyovers. Love listening to Joe's podcast listen to it. I, feel like, ask you this every fucking week listened to do the work that he better. Yes. I recall you saying that now I like him and Oliver does bullshitting Oliver Hudson Kate Hudson. Brother. And I and I don't know how he feels about it I. Think I may have said this last week when we were talking about not this particular topic but maybe the radio. That a lot of podcasts start out with. Big guests and they're like, okay, we're GONNA guests every week and then whenever it is at some point sometimes very soon sometimes a couple of years in whatever they realize holy shit this is not sustainable. We can't keep this up and I can speak to that. and. So now joe and Oliver Artists Talking and I actually really enjoy it's not to say I wouldn't enjoy an interview. I dislike them bullshitting they're just such different personalities and it's just it's for my money. It really good listen when I was working out yesterday I was listening to the podcast and it's. Joined bullshitting and so because Joe is so honest Alvarez and we have. The same kind of responsibilities or public perspective phone public public immigration say the show has and so he kind of pokes and prods Joe and it's just amusing Sony Mental said. Joe told the whole story and the most recent episode and I listened to it and he said it's just used the headline goes I if you want to hear the story. We'll tell the story if you don't just read headlines but you're not GonNa know the whole story and the story he told was on their crew. They go out to dinner on Saturday nights I know this. I haven't been I have been part of the one of their vendors. Actually I was in two thousand twelve, which was a surreal experience was me and Joe Buck Troy, Aikman and Chris Myers and Eventually Annemarie joined us this restaurant in midtown Manhattan and and then. Fifteen. Twenty people who you would never know Who are all behind the scenes people but there are family I mean they traveled to same crew no matter for that eight team for Fox. And his JOE is saying they have a variety of different political perspectives. And aikman was joking we was using a line from their dinner the night before they all go out to dinner with a line of you won't see this on a Blyden you know Biden Harris get into the White House that was a lie it wasn't his.

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