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By corona virus near Kevin McKeon says they need help from Washington and that help starts with the Senate the U. S. Senate what are you doing going on break before you pass a bill that sends money to cities across the country we are the local governments to provide needed services to people and if we don't have the revenue and we don't have the ability to to spend money we don't have we have to balance our budget we have to turn to Washington and Washington needs to listen to what's happening at the local level Santa Monica city council will vote Tuesday whether to allocate six point four million dollars in funding to programs that would otherwise be on the chopping block as the city seeks to bridge a two hundred twenty four million dollar budget deficit K. A. B. C. socal weather sunny this afternoon with highs in the upper sixties to mid seventies Woodland Hills at seventy five degrees Hawthorne a seventy downtown is seventy one we're monitoring developments in the corona virus pandemic twenty four seven to keep you informed I'm Steve coming talk radio seven ninety KABC now look at K. A. B. C. traffic ABC dependable traffic right now we have an accident tied up the two right hand lanes on the five northbound right at Sunland Boulevard and the drive away from Burbank very slow from Lincoln up to Penrose and a big hot spot on the sixty traveling westbound right it is S. Avenue it's a big rig fire and that big race fully engulfed in flames everything on the right shoulder on the west sixty again right it is S. Avenue that's dependable traffic I'm Mike Morris M. seven ninety KABC I'm attorney Tim McFarlane tune in Saturdays at two PM to debt relief radio where Lawrence of on and I discuss all things related to debt we will educate and entertain you credit cards mortgage debt business loans and new government programs.

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