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Potentially but it's just not the type of pick that they can afford to make anymore without Brady in the building. They have to be able to be a little bit more aggressive and be a little bit just in all walks of it free agency and they have eighty million dollars in cap space. They cannot be signing the you know, the the Six Million Dollar receiver when they have eighty million dollars or can you wait for round two of signings, you gotta be aggressive and you gotta get out there early and they've done that before. It's funny because there is a there is a Vibe around the team that they don't and they sit out free agency. They do a lot of times but when they want a guy they come knocking on people's doors on Dave they've done it before and this here if you click you're right. I mean if you don't use this money, it's there's no sense in having it. So again, This will dominate all you know, everything we talked about for you know for the rest of time here because it's the number one story is how do they get back? Nobody likes what they saw the Patriots are eliminated from the playoffs. It's a weird feeling around here. I think people are just going to kind of be walking around talking to themselves. Like what do we do now? It's strange to not have Patriots football in January and February the majority of my professional career was spent knowing that you're playing into the last weekend in January and probably going somewhere off of warm for a week or so to cover a Superbowl and that was really nice and I enjoy doing that and I'm going to miss doing that because it you know, it was a long time before Michael long time and it was quite a run and it was something that were very fortunate to have gotten to do as much as we did it and it's a very very weird time, you know, the conversations would be having right now is oh, geez. I hope we don't have to pay for travel to go home. Let's lock in those two home games. So we only have to spend money to go to the Superbowl. And yeah, this is where they are Patriots lose want to tell again people about our sponsor Legends brand really comfortable outerwear outerwear should say like sweats sweatshirts and hoodies really comfortable both for the athletic, you know people they're among you or just to wear around the house super comfy stuff use the code Horford twenty 20% off your next purchase. It's really high-end gear at affordable prices..

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