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Are you're listening fox. Sports radio right is the i couple coming to. You live from the farmers insurance fox sports radio studios call one triple eight farmers to switch and save an average of four hundred and seventy dollars on your auto insurance as a whole lot of money for quick phone call. That's the average national savings annually based on survey data july to december. Twenty twenty are right at the bottom of the hour folks. One of the best shows on radio segments on radio tie shirts tower of trivia returns. And that's going to be a lot of well. Alex hey was getting kind of big if he keeps getting bigger because of his superstardom now. I know everybody. Alex when you go to the nation everybody's talking about you about your segment in the show when everything. Oh every every time rather always like so her those two guys on the air that take up all your time. And i'm like oh they're good people. It's christmas arnav murder. You know what i'm picturing like. We and i might be totally wrong. I've never been to a. We'd nation national convention. Yeah but i'm picturing like rob you remember on like the king of queens yeah i can't remember the guy's name but he one of one of the friends. He would go to the little gatherings with the superheroes like batman and superman. Everybody would dress up like their superhero casa. Remember that that's really goes onto that. That is that well we've nation is like. Oh yeah there's a bunch of people 'cause playing as their favorite anime characters so they'll dress up the anime basically same like superhero. Same kind of thing. Wow who's your favorite anime character. Ooh that's tough off the gecko. I'd say she's like a low key one or names holo she's like Kind of like a deity. Half like god half mortal so. She's pretty good people holo holo about her personal life. It's my you wanted to know about a fossil fuel joke. i'll send That note is the. I not bad bad bad i. I'm always willing to work hard for your entertainment dollar. Yes yes indeed all right. Let's go back to this big news of the day. Rob the forty niners and we talked about look. They moved up to number three in the draft. The dolphins moved back from three two to six because they traded with the niners trade with the eagles who were willing to go from six to twelve. What that tells me. Rob is number. Three things three quarterbacks to san francisco moved up to get a quarterback because they don't believe in jimmy g. for one reason or another one reason because they don't think he's at good and the second or it could be healthy and yeah he's good we win but he's he's heard half the time so whatever the reason they don't fully believe in him for the long haul but on the other hand rob a guy that people had questions about two guys actually in miami. I think this is a signal that they do. Believe in two. And they're they're willing to go with him this year coming up and believed they. He'll progress and become their franchise quarterback and then in philadelphia where it was speculated that they might actually take quarterback at six is seems to me like they believe at least for this year in jalen hurts whether it's belief or we just don't want to have another situation where our starters looking over his shoulder whatever the case or we don't hurts or chris. We don't. We don't like the quarterback who there do you know what i mean like that. That could be a real another reason. Why you get out of that you look at them and say yeah other than lawrence after that. I'm not sure so. I don't want to lock into a contract with a you know what i mean like that right. We're i don't believe in them. I mean that's why you move out of that usually. That's why you move out of those slots. Could you not interested in any of those quarterbacks who will coming out. I'm just saying no you could be could be. I mean the the history of quarterback hit and misses is just such mrs. yes. I mean tool you know. We don't know everybody loved him in college and coming out right and now it's like okay. We'll see the verdicts out. I mentioned sam darnold earlier. He was the third pick in the draft. Anything somewhere by him. Chris and he might he wear the bus. But at this point saying like there's a big question is whether or not the jet should stick with him because he hasn't done it yet. So you just quarterbacks man it looks some of the best. Tom brady number six rounder. Joe montana a third rounder route. Dak prescott four dry dropped all the way in the first one now. Yup in the twenties. I mean so it is it is. It's a tough thing to do. Is to nail these quarterbacks and so yeah you you could be right. But i like their miami's going with to Look he wasn't overly impressive last year. But i didn't see anything to make me think this like i. I think he deserves a season. At least you know. Like i see nothing to make me think. Oh he's not our guy. Give him a shades was they sent a mixed signals. You gotta admit that. During his patrick pulo they were dealing with them and pull them out of moments chris wait could grow and learn and being a big spy and they wound up doing all. That didn't make the playoffs anyway. I mean some off the hands for him. Yeah he seems. I agree with you but he seems to have that attitude the coach that you know whatever it takes to win this game if you're not having a good game that's kind of like a high school mentality. Are you know what i mean like. If you're not you don't have tonight. I'm pulling you and putting somebody else in but it's odd to see but know we'll see what happens this year with him and jalen hurts You know statistically wasn't very good had the one big win over new orleans but certainly The verdict the jury's out. We got to see so They're rebuilding obviously and we'll see what hurts can do this year all right baseball. Rob the all star game this year next year is in atlanta..

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