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It's in casinos. Nothing else comes close. All right, Welcome back. So, as I said, some rivalries never die and just last week out of nowhere. Brandon Dubinsky joined a podcast and shredded his old nemesis while discussing the sit and over debate, calling Sid a whiner and went as far saying, F said kind of random considering the bench. He's no longer been a league. Um, but here was Sid's here was his response to to it all. Hey, could say whatever he wants. If you guys have any more hockey questions, I'd be happy to answer those And that's basically it. Why all the hate Still I love this rivalry the river when it was when it was going on in the league. I don't know if you remember when Dubinsky was Running around chasing Crosby all the time. But This clearly is is Still, what is what is Sidney Crosby, known for? Class. What is he? What is he gonna be known as Champion. Greatest player under one of the greatest players ever. Point producing freak face of the NHL, blah, blah, blah, blah. Been ski who's known for what He's the agitator, either. You know, he's a good, hard nosed player, a good career. Exactly. Point taken. Yeah, but I think yeah, He just wants to say that because that's what everyone does. Now they go on these podcasts and they tell stories, and they They want to, you know, seems somewhat larger than life. I don't know that I would ever go on and a podcast and Shred anybody, But really, I mean, shred Sidney Crosby to begin with. But why? Why is he doing it? I mean, why he's doing it maybe relevance. I don't. I don't know. I don't know. You don't seem You don't seem torto. Not not necessarily not interested, but I mean, you don't seem to really think I think I think Brandon Dubinsky had a really nice career. I think he was really strong, physical kid. I think he played against the best players and tried to shut them down. In the same time. He put up some solid points. He's you know, he was You know, maybe like a 40 point player, a year type guy. He's a good hockey player. I don't understand. You're 34 years old. You retire. You had a great career, and you've got to say this crap about Sidney Crosby. Come on, man. Here's what Dubinsky said. I'll call you out all day long. I would say it to its face right now. Two years with the Minsky said, I had a great career. Shut your mouth and right off into the sunset, but Here's what he said. He said, Listen, he tweeted this out. On April 2nd Listen, Crosby is better than me. I never said he wasn't He? Obviously He's obviously one of the best ever. It was stupid. A statement I've ever heard always said none of you played in the NHL and know how hard it is to score goals in the NHL. 724 is insane, said just wind way too much and over. You just shut up and played hard. So that's basically what he was saying. But For anyone to say that all these better than said. I think he's crazy, and I think he's just saying that because he hates it. I mean, how scoring titles that Sidney Crosby have. He's won three Stanley Cups. He scored the game winning goal in the Olympics, like, Come on, let me ask you this last question before we get out of here. Do you think they would feel differently? About one another? How they ever come and play together? We have 30 seconds here. We gotta go. Listen, you listen. I mean, looking at you, and I wanted to kill you. The first day you walked in the locker..

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