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Know, I could have tried to perform CPR or something but I decided to spell so I called 9-1-1. A woman walking her dog and another out exercising were also killed in the Thursday evening attack. At CBS is a lease pressed and the teenage suspect hospitalized in critical condition after apparently trying to shoot himself. It's 1233, President Biden has been busy the past few days on the campaign trail ahead of next month's midterm elections. President Biden wrapped up his West Coast swing with a final stop in Oregon touting his legislative victories, including the inflation reduction act. There's a lot in here that lowers the everyday cost for middle class families to be able to make it. Mister Biden's trip caps a four day stretch where he keyed in on his administration's work so far as the clock ticks with the midterm elections a few weeks away in power on Capitol Hill hanging in the balance CBS's Skyler Henry the past two former presidents will also be campaigning for their respective parties candidates in the weeks leading up to the November 8th vote. Meanwhile, the current president will appear Tuesday night of the district for a speech with abortion rights in the spotlight. Mister Biden will speak at a Democratic National Committee event at the Howard theater Tuesday evening. With three weeks left to go before the midterm, the president and other Democrats are trying to make abortion rights a central focus of the campaign in the wake of the Supreme Court's ruling on Dobbs V Jackson in June. 1234, there are new developments surrounding the deferred action for childhood arrivals or DACA program. A federal judge has ruled that DACA can continue at least for now. Those already in the program are good and can renew their applications. But no one knew can apply. At a rally in Houston emotions were high, Susanna luano is originally from Mexico. It makes me very angry that

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