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Next hour will go down and through the story which broke last night that a CHP officer has been killed in a shoot out with a guy he stopped for a traffic violation the wife of the shooter speaks out once it always not a monster I really a family members have to stop that once you've killed the cop the nobody wants to hear that he's not a monster he really was a good guy plus he was in prison for attempted murder already apparently a motorcycle gang member this nine say Jim Barry you married a guy who tried to kill somebody but blowing and then this time the murders a cop that so you decided to marry have children with the trump administration is already been soon over that plan to take away a chance for a green card from legal immigrants see if they are a public charge of they've been taken the welfare public assistance will get all this but we start with the viral video of the day Chris is being a radio show to hear the audio so viral audio in the day this is great Chris Cuomo now I had never wasted my time watching Chris Cuomo is on at nine o'clock on CNN another one of those hate trump shows and you probably know that is dad was barrio coma it was a long time governor of New York very liberal and you check it out running for president and then his brother Andrew Cuomo became governor of New York an angel call most tough guy a whole type politician and Chris was always the younger brother the more sensitive brother and a couple of beats slower you watch him I've seen snippets of the shell and he's he's he's not that not that sharp he gets very worked up though I've listened to your show driving home sometime from here we can get some motional but it's it's not smart and he does like to put the opposition on argue with them yeah yes but ultimately it's a trunk show no he just he just he just gives everybody else you know a few minutes a sparring time yeah I he's always been in TV it was ABC news chief law and justice correspondent the coanchor for A. B. C.'s twenty twenty in one of two coanchor's of the weekday edition of new day three our morning news show before he became with his own show on CNN yeah I I think he started in the morning but nobody watched it so of course he got promoted to the evening we're nobody's watching I eat is even have a million viewers on average no I mean justice any any gay is it gets really emotional and he's got a very bad tempers you're gonna say he's so anyway he's a he's approached by some guy these are trolls these are these are wieners who spend all their life on online they have you tube channels the right wing guys but but they're losers slobs and support for them is to find Chris Cuomo and taunt him calling Fredo which is the name of the younger brother in the godfather movie you know he's the older brother I thought Frida was the no look it up in a weaker brother I guess I should yeah is the weaker because the loser right all right sunny and there was freedom when it was Michael no you don't want to see godfather did you well I did the forty nine oh yeah I didn't see the movies I think I saw it on TV later on still young C. whatever whatever he is he's a loser and so if you're in this is been a common that thing lately I've noticed and in politics online if you think somebody's Weeki comma freedom I've seen it hurled at people on on all sides of the argument so I looked it up he's the middle one I was the little guy yeah Sonny was played by James Caan was the older brother and of course Michael Corley only the younger brother was played by Al Pacino Frida was in the middle it was the middle brother who played freedom I got any of junk is al not well known but they they have like a receding hairline into do P. O. goofy moustache definitely not like a really good looking guy right so I need to trace the family Anne's alternately killed for that yeah I think you get the kids to death in one of the famous scenes is embracing the kiss that's it for you your ugly your week got a bad Mustapha Johnson's outside of lung cancer anyway and it takes seventy eight long time ago I was only years have to because he was in both one and two but I had a apparently died not long after that all right Sir here these these YouTube trolls filming Chris Cuomo you're not gonna believe this but the actor that played Fredo John because out was the boyfriend of Meryl Streep for two years about that it is a real connection to getting that's what got him worked up and that's apparently was with when he died nineteen seventy six to seventy eight partner miss Meryl Streep never heard of and never knew that all right yeah so let's play this sense almost to two minutes it's pretty good but John describe what happens again a troll a guy that just wants to cause trouble walks up to Cuomo and there call some freedom.

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