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And non coronavirus in is a big and important story out of Australia cardinal George Pell is a former treasurer of the Vatican in twenty eighteen he was convicted of sexually abusing two boys in Melbourne Australia that happened back in the nineteen nineties the conviction made Pell the highest ranking Catholic official to be brought down in the church's sex abuse scandals but today Australia's highest court overturned that conviction hell is now a free man and Barrett Doyle's with the group bishop accountability cardinal Pell was one of the most powerful man in the global Catholic Church he was are chosen by pope Francis in two thousand fourteen had a new secretariat for the economy he was expected to route the Vatican of financial corruption and he was by far the most powerful Catholic leader in Australia itself so when he was accused of child molestation it rocked the Catholic Church I should add more code that although this High Court decision ends these criminal proceedings L. has been accused by at least five other individuals of child sexual abuse and we expect to see some of those allegations aired in lawsuits if not in future trials and why did the court decide free tell how do they justify it we really can't appreciate why they came to this conclusion that the jury was wrong because we've never been privy to the compelling victim testimony that was provided to the jury that moved them to find felt guilty in the first place and that was due to a suppression order against the media in Australia that was quite severe what have you heard from from Catholics from survivor specifically in their reactions survivors from all over the world were sending messages of support to Australian survivors there's been a lot of condemnation of the media suppression that was handed down by the courts around these proceedings because people feel that they weren't privy to why the High Court made the decision it did today when Francis became pope a lot of people saw him as a reform figure who would take on the church's history of sexual abuse but that does not seem to have happened do you think we will ever see the church take more meaningful responsibility at least under Francis's watch it's notable that pope Francis offered his mask today for those who are unjustly accused he did not specifically mention cardinal Pell but it's reasonable to infer that that is exactly who he had on his mind and I'm sure that he's seen cardinal Pell answer innocent man who was killer reach I think pope Francis has taken so called reforms as far as he's going to to go last year she passed two measures that were small steps forward these steps really are not going to accomplish the degree of transparency and accountability that we need it is still entirely possible today for a bishop to knowingly keep an abusive priest in ministry and for both of them to be compliant with canon law I think that pope Francis is not willing to do any more and better total of bishop accountability thank you for joining us today to talk.

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Australia discussed on The World

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