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In all rural rain right this is delay allow iaea listening to episode twenty nine of the before the man's podcast bolya tornado raged to be the master arthitect of your life are you ready to design your business and investment leads that can meet the lifestyle you've always drip drip too far ju ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaire ants who have with gene destined to level of success hey this is derrick location independent entrepreneur you're listening to them before the millions podcasts the prion gina lofton i am an investor and you're listening to be they ford that millions podcast trade airman even heather haven wedded marketing coach and global entrepreneur you try lifted that before the millions podcast pay this is marcus quickly host of the seven minute meant a podcast global entrepreneur all around a geek and you listening to the befall the millions podcast i am mc laubscher the cash flow ninja and you're listening to four the millions portcost you're listening to them the before the millions podcast a whether you're looking to invest were flow bilden online beaten is that allows you to be location independent you've come to the right place mr hollywood on so presents before the new yoon scott kill us yossi now your rose to ray well hey whistle was born on the immunity derail ali here and welcome to another installment of the btm podcast hope you guys are all have in a very very very merry christmas damn currently in nigeria spending time with family friends and loved ones but actually as of the war courting of this podcast it's still november so i'm still kind of all awful thanksgiving dinner so there's that but you're probably fall off of christmas dinner so that's good and was on today's show we're speaking with benny chopper now vinnie's nicknames mr smiles because ali does this mallon i can assess to that as i interviewed him he could not stop smiling but fini came through the us as an immigrant with seven dollars in his pocket and currently today he has over two hundred million dollars in assets that's crazy.

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