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How bad i think the rules are going to be housed merck for some reason has not signed that's a whole nother story but they're looking at taking a guy who almost quit baseball completely uh and putting in minute first base a guy who doesn't have many swings major league they're gonna take 100 ozer and put him in at first base uh it and they're gonna you know he's gonna be playing that for the first time behind him they have a guy from double a northwest arkansas the log sixty games the first base that it out of the sixty two guys with david vitus prisor zona that's all they've got slated for first base a guy to play aa and a guy that's never played a before uh you know they got the what they are fielding is so bad for may war standpoint uh the pitching staff from my experts have you just every single sad this is going to be one of the worst teams i've ever seen so uh you know i did the the whole ah equations to get their win totals out and i just have not seen any metric to have them over 73 wins uh most of them were down in the 60s range uh so i took it under 72 on them yeah this is uh this is a brutal team i mean this is one of the season went to the right upset i have finished for the most part i haven't post that yet i need to do some final edits on it but this is a team last year from its position players got thirteen point seven f warwick fan drafts as winds above replacement calculation ten point four of that was era cosmair lorenzo kate and mike dhaka's now they could very well bring hawes room was targets back because it seems like there's no market from woodstock as for one thing and then hawes murder crazy i know no one really seems all in interested in his contract demands lorenzo keane's around on he's already signed with somebody so this is.

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