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Warnings of more to come. We start with CBS is Tom Hanson, Heavily armed supporters of President Trump gathered in Minneapolis Saturday for a stop the steel protest. We won't Donald Trump to resign while anti trump demonstrators rallied in front of Chicago's Trump Tower. In New York's Times Square and in a handful of other cities as Washington D. C. Prepares for President elect Joe Biden's January 20th inauguration, security is being tighten around the city. With less than two weeks before President Trump leaves the White House congressional Democrats are preparing to bring articles of impeachment against him as early as Monday. How about that? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi updated her fellow House Democrats. In a Saturday night letter. The speaker said that she'll be proceeding with meetings with members and constitutional experts and others. And urged House Democrats to be prepared to return to Washington This week. CBS is Rebecca Kaplan on the police front. There have been arrests from West Virginia to Hawaii of people seen or showing off on videos and pictures of the attempt to take over the capital to keep Congress from confirming Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump and correspondent Catherine Herridge reports two viable 12 inch metal pipe bombs. Found Wednesday at the Democratic and Republican National Committee headquarters near the capital are described by law enforcement as taking their probe to the next level. And tonight Apple on Amazon are suspending service to the unmotivated social network parlor. That is where President Trump and some of his followers have been trying to communicate after Twitter permanently banned Mr Trump with Facebook and Google, also moving to block what they consider encouragement of violence about the covert pandemic. Asian why the vaccine rollout can't come fast enough for weary frontline workers. Marty Pomeroy is a pediatric audiologist in Kentucky. The anxiety has.

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