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Now. Keeping you connected with the latest news. This is talk radio six PM and wcbMcom. Good afternoon. I'm Michael Phillip E and the six eighty WCBS Marilyn news center at the news of thirty one. Stocks ended broadly higher Wall Street allowing the market to recoup some of the ground lost today. Earlier technology and small companies were the standouts today. The Dow Jones industrial average edged up six points to twenty six hundred fifty seven the S and P five hundred index rose ten to twenty eight and the NASDAQ added fifty four to seventy nine sixty four life ridge health officials said today that time being visitors under the age of fourteen will not be allowed out of precaution. Because of a confirmed case of measles in the area. The policy goes into effect at all life for hospitals, including Sinai. Caroline lyndale. Hebrew, hospital nursing Senate Baltimore City police officer was injured this afternoon in crash in Remington happened. Just after two thirty in thirty six hundred block of Huntington avenue. The officer was transported to an area hospital for surveys, but the exact nature of his injuries. Not yet known PG. County. Police say a woman is dead and eight other people were injured in the crash in Clinton this morning involving a school bus and a tractor trailer that happened at the branch avenue and Suraj road. Intersection two teenage students on the bus. We're taken to a hospital. They're expected to be okay. For other people were hospitalized. Two others refused. Treatment at the scene right now. Sixty nine degrees in downtown Baltimore, sixty seven beatable UI reporting a five thirty two. I'm Michael Philip Elliott, six eighty WCBS news since nineteen eighty-two Richie automotive has been providing comprehensive auto truck and van repair service.

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