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Diego Maradona's hand of God Jersey, which sold for 9.3 million earlier this year. I'm Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports op day. Markets, headlines, and breaking news 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business app. And at Bloomberg quick take. This is a Bloomberg business flash. Well, a move into risk assets today could be the worst idea since president Kennedy said, let's go to Dallas on Friday, Jackie. Anyway, levity has decided not a day for risk-taking. It's likely to be a volatile one, future suggesting false Tokyo and Sydney markets Hong Kong seeming to be supported by a relatively good session for Chinese ADRs. U.S. features also adding to the gloom with that loss is deepening for them. In fact, NASDAQ futures now down inaccessible 1% and those on the S&P minis 9 tenths of 1% lower. Chinese stocks already to reflect some of that global equity weakness and that this could also be made worse by some poor industrial profits data over the weekend. Of course, this downdraft all coming in the wake of fed chair Jerome Powell's fresh warning on Friday that interest rates are heading higher and will stay there for some time, some investors certainly at the moment having a few issues digesting that idea and once they did get to whatever the final hike is that

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