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Later, and you had posted that picture and I knew what you were like freaked out. Yeah, that was it was good. Thank you very much has always there to splice up my day. That's for sure. But I also want to give a shout out everybody that did reach out via DM's or or or tweets and and post on Facebook. Almost God. I got like over a thousand birthday wishes and and even a moron on the Twitter. So the Bruins family is so good to me and and I love it. But and even the people that don't even know me even reached out to happy birthday. So that's very kind. But the Sanford is very good and and we appreciate that here at B&G production sports media company. So by the way, we're hiring when I say that we're looking for writers podcasters YouTubers anything if you would like to write about history you like to write about game previews game recaps anything that's Bruins related and it's good content good quality content. Please reach out black and dead. Productions LLC at send me a cup of lettuce. I mean some stuff let's talk. Let's get this content train rolling and I'm going to put content train right up here back. I have one my buddy. Mike crowd. He sent me a picture of one. So boom boom shakalaka. Well anyways birthdays are very important. I know people like all their holidays and a lot of people don't like birthdays after like, I don't know eighteen or Twenty One or whatever but I think important birthdays are the most important day of the year because it's your way of saying as a human here's a big giant middle finger World cuz you did not take me down. Despite all you tried to do to take me down. And I think this year is the most relevant for that. So but I didn't know this I learned on your birthday watching all the happy birthday things. I didn't know that you and mrs. Sylvia and and Rick Middleton share birthday is altogether. I didn't know that that's pretty cool. Like I said to you what the hell I get stuck with Kanye West and you get a birthday with Fox to be you. I know I learned from my fortieth birthday. I realized that Kanye West and I stood shared a birthday. That was a few years ago and it's been a little traumatizing ever since and that's my favorite day besides Halloween, but yeah pretty cool people that share a birthday with absinthe. Yeah and the next day followed by Nick Ritchie was just the the the the icing on the cake. Did you see my light sweet? That's I want I want to say happy birthday to Nick. I saw also a pretend that he never gave it to my life. Or asean Heinen, and I know that makes me a bad person..

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