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E._d._u. Training for for a better life donlevatar it's friday. I'm getting into the weekend. I want to get my drink on. His guts is gonna open up the club open it. I would eight open now but is the computer buffering is this is our show with scott on on e._s._p._n. Radio at lebatardshow on twitter. If you want to vote on any of the polls today billy how are you doing you filled with <hes> fear fear <hes> we are headed into a weekend of uncertainty. This storm is bearing down on florida and it appears to be one of the hostile ones where argue where's your head at. This is a situation that i didn't think i would encounter. I was discussing with him. Oh my god get to it. Here's the thing i prepared. I i am prepared. I have my supplies but i now have four days between this and the storm so i'm going to spend the whole time thinking i'm not prepared and over preparing even more even though <hes> <hes> fully prepared at this time but i may not be prepared because i need to go through a checklist to make sure that i didn't miss something because i know that i've missed something. You're not gonna feel so prepared when you're hiding in your bathtub because it's the safest place in your house is it to hide in the bathtub supposed to be that's what they say opposed to. Yes my biggest issue is that i'm going through all the provisions visions that i've made to eat for the hurricane. I'm going through him now. Some hunger yeah ooh what if my bachelor's filled with water to still get in the bathtub no keep it empty and it's a safe meal fill with water dan do you yeah route fills up on the roof blows off your house at lebatardshow on twitter before we open putting up the club i actually we're out of time here so we'll just throw some polls in among whatever noises mike decides to play whatever sounds mike decides the play. The twitter poll when i get to is brought to you by dollar. Shave club dollarshaveclub delivers the products you use the look feel and spell your that's right to your door was with their hands discount. The more you buy the more you save go to dollarshaveclub dot com slash. Dan prays special offer sub. Scott gonna be so tragic when billy really drowns in his own bathtub filled with water during the hurricane. I sound club surrender. Ten sacks dolphins against revolt is revolt a six the half point favorite eighty seven percent of the audience said yes tell them so yup and tell them tell them yup have any of the deeds at cincinnati but any goods if the big red machine eighty five percent of the audience that now ida crush. I'm betty rubble so many people writing in about the chris sabo reds and we forgot about the same red. They didn't wanna world series it has we're not the only ones eighty five percent of the audience that now are you surprised that tim kirch and just described himself as swarthy or the mediterranean look. I'm a sixty seven percent of the audience yes. There's the pro hoops. Sandwich may not have have been the lakers top choice but he was certainly number. Two does to storm something. Come from storming a castle or approaching store billy as a sprinkler of course no who is it off camera so you tell them scott eighty eight percent of the audience idiot said congratulations jay girl because your fly girl you're still apply girl periwinkle blue shirt art that of course it's mike ryan is brad pitt in the movie cherry blue eyed schiffer who else he cast menas his dog because it's one of the dumbest animals ever seen. Thanks for having me have a great day yet your it. It's a mean well in the club. Honestly the those are seconds of my life. That would never get back. It's a little delayed boylston. The club i i <hes> fist pumped in a bar on down has lem duck club i. I wish i had some breakfast blonde breakfast under no breakfast like bats. I has contaminated everything we've done here. This friend of mine <hes> mother minnea- offers. I'm a name or her name is mimi always had full of microbes whenever she gets mad that when i got here marshall usually it's all ricky kato who did touchdown passes forty. Seven johnson put up two hundred seventy two yards. That's a martial record nothing to sneeze at hold. Well hello goodbye.

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