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I guess so because of licensing roles can't play anything music on this i heart radio channel or podcast anymore but you can't go to bobby bones dot com to see it we hate that we had taken down wasn't artisan but just wanted to keep you up and we wanted to keep up as much as possible so go to bobby dot com to watch your here whatever you're missing right now and thank you for listening to the show and sorry about all the legal stuff guy right there get your voice pretty impressive now drew love back do what we have too high one back of a now you do oh no no no why don't use me maybe thinking oh yeah oh yeah well you just make me a high oh babe i do this pretty good record that one i think about panetta remix we think about that me eddie junior junior hey you wanna come to my what what you're going to buy the party oh man i would love to you more than welcome to thanks but what you bring good bobby come over everybody's invited everybody a lot a lot of people are anything you guys want to the corner oh no party maybe he can sing bring your love back to everyone low cash knows zach massive photographers boardman boardman from austin texas gunning jaren his kids friend in the neighbors the other day they dropped a celebrity yeah ryan heard yeah.

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