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Which unfortunately his truth is you are. Why because nice because we have the freedom of speech with china of you're right. What is being we still do. I agree with everything you just said on your son. I wanna hang out with him. He's easy easy greg. Anthony him on the podcast is he's but but again like that's actually scary. And so i say this the people all the time they all. I wanna do this. Freedom of speech is not freedom of consequence and if people think yeah you know. I did not believe i could go. And raise additional money to make money in the upstream business. And therefore i would do disservice to my investors and i wasn't gonna lie to. I then realized that. I could do something more productive using my voice to call things out than other people couldn't buy. Did i piss a whole bunch of people off. Yeah and are there are a whole bunch of people that do like me one hundred percent. Are there some people like hate you. Give me give me. If given the chance punch we can face how even here one hundred percent. But i've accepted that of. That's that's not quite. How do you accept. I guess i mean because it got took me to a certain point like to to get to that point. How do you accept us like shit like the zoo. I deal with it like was there like a life. Changing event at the simply. The simple answer. Is you end up with fuck you money. The more complicated mover. Yeah but the more complicated answer is. I've never cared okay. My parents told me this story. I was like six or seven. They bought me a bike. I wrote at the school and somebody said you know that's a girl's bike. And my my honest to god answer was. I also take ballet. What's your point which it didn't take but like as a seven year old. That was my natural response. And there's a genetics like my fourteen year old. Unlike my older son who says that. I'm actually not do whatever the says. He says he pushes back but my younger son like he plays hockey and he trash talks people and so this one guy skated by one day and he's like hey there little guy. What are you doing down there. And he goes. Does your mom knows you've been stealing. Donuts like natural natural response and some people just love. so how did i accept it. I've just i've i've never really cared what people think but i also deeply. I don't want people to dislike me so i've had to build this kind of like. Dr w character. That is the person on stage ranting and raving less so today than normally but i had to build the skin because otherwise it's like a total different care. That's also the social reality. Not everybody's like you it's impossible. It's better to be successful. Draw a line in the sand. You have to let people know who you are. That's how you attract people genuinely care and you know exactly who Is against you so to speak one person today. Walk down complete bullshit. That was me people. That was not the guy that did that. Nobody cares about anyways a loser but the majority of people loved it. And you're always going to have. That's a problem politics. People want this boy scout perfect model to to worship shine and oh he's the best he needs to be elected when reality world is humans when and the president of the united states. And i don't care who you are you're gonna have a forty two percent approval rating like even if he's your guy you're four soka. Yeah i mean and again. I don't profess to even know. I give my view and try to be as transparent as possible and some people might absolutely hate it and they can walk out and say that was bullshit boy. Did i waste thirty dollars on lunch. My favorite is on lincoln. I really would prefer if you stuck to oil and gas and my response now has become. I will make sure that i refund your subscription enfold. Can you remind me which credit card. I have of yours on fire away. Don't but that's like the best troll have baton but okay so so guy. Doesn't i hope he was at least entertained for ten minutes or whatever he stayed if he wasn't well i mean i can't. We cannot well. That's why we're in this world right now. If you're not talking if your speech speeches in a way that encompasses everybody and includes everybody and and and really cares. You get cancelled and it's ridiculous. So the liberals have become fahrenheit. Four fifty one. It's okay it's okay to be yourself and have an people Not not like you know like i. I kind of found my groove. And when with connections and working in sales on secker third year and since i just kind of like you know what i'm going to start being memoir stopping this cut out and made a lot better relationships that way. So how could companies obviously issue's important to capitol and it's not that important go on so to speak to speak to that it's important to the narrative but like no one has actually raised money. Most of the deals that are being done are public companies giving other other public companies shares. Which are not cash. Or it's a private equity firm who's already raised so much money that they gave it to their best team possible and i would use sky. Counting from felix is that he's crushed cody. Campbell and john sellers had W eagle double point. Whatever the they'll get it too but like all these private equity firms have billions of dollars that are undeployed. And you're gonna give it to the absolute best team that can deployed the largest amount of money and make a commodity so no one really ship knowles sound in never given us another narrative but so there's the moral good of es g which is. I believe we shouldn't be flaring. We should use freshwater. we shouldn't be having methane emissions. That's moral Should we be helping babies in africa with matador. No the no. They should be making as much money for their shareholders possible so that those shareholders can then use their money and if they die and they don't wanna give it to their kids because they're selfish arrogant pricks they should go give it to some of homeless shelter. Her to fix people like and we we. We've made making money a crime. Like what i find funny on twitter and in fairness i brought it on a little bit myself because i didn't know how to handle trolls in the past. But like the american dream and the dream of shale was to identify an opportunity. Buying opportunity sell the opportunity. Someone else and become rich s walian do it. Then people get really mad at you if you're not nice enough to the people who didn't do and so people would troll me and they'd be like this that and the other i this one time on twitter and they all know it took screenshot of it at some guys these coming after me and everybody hated the guy too. And i'm like. I'm gonna think deeply about what you said as i fall asleep in my gigantic bed of money and i put the gift of a guy doing snow angels in and everyone was like. You're not nice enough to people here. Such an asshole. I'm like you all hate this guy. But but i stab academy. I'm the bad guy. Click on the ask. Nobody wins the internet ellen degeneres. That's not the greatest example until is i mean lesbian. Who did the whole thing with jerry. Jones pushed envelopes like crazy. Super-popular enemy the batman thing is latest. You either die here. We're live long enough to become a villain through ellen. Generous one hundred percent. I deleted my twitter account Last week low. Because it was. I just i didn't learn anything from it and it's a whole bunch of generally anonymous. Be the people who use name. Yeah but they can use their names on lincoln and they do but on twitter. It's just a whole bunch of shape and want to tell you how good they could be if.

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